1975 Mississippi Mud Cake - Church Cookbook Recipes (2023)


Ever wondered how to make your recipes taste like mama made them? Look no further. This is a Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe! I use Marshmallow Cream on mine (and I used too much lol) but you can use mini marshmallows or an 8 oz. Marshmallow cream. See recipe attached here.
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MUSIC Credit: Tony Adams


Mississippi mud cake delicious brownie type cake batter cooked to perfection with marshmallow cream or marshmallows.

And a homemade chocolate icing get your sweet tooth ready for this wonderful treat we're making a mississippi mud cake whoa y'all mississippians did y'all really come up with this cake I'm just curious boy y'all we're gonna have something good today mississippi mud cake I know y'all remember that one so we've got our miniature marshmallows we've got our cocoa our white lily flour sugar some good old chopped pecans and these are local pecans we got from a guy down the road and they're good and fresh they've been in the freezer since last summer and then we've got our eggs and butter so we're gonna get started and make this delicious cake now when this cake comes out of the oven that's when you put the marshmallows on it so you don't put them in the mix all right first thing we're going to do is put in our butter with our sugar so you're going to be using a whole cup of butter, sounds good.



All right so.

We're going to whip up this butter with our sugar and we're going to be using two cups of sugar with a cup of butter, two cups of sugar, all right for the cocoa for the cocoa we're gonna use a third cup and I'm gonna let it be a little bit heaping, because chris likes a lot of chocolate.

So we're gonna whip this up first and get it good and blended, um before we enter cocoa, we're also going to, um, once we get this good and blended, I think I'll add my eggs next.

And then add the cocoa.

So I'm, adding these eggs one at a time and I'm letting it blend really well in between.

Each addition so there's, four eggs.

Now I'm gonna add my cocoa.


The next thing we're gonna do is put in our vanilla then our flour and last, but not least our delicious pecans.


So there's, no milk going in this cake and we're using one and a half cups of flour and I'm gonna put in one cup of pecans chopped so don't over mix it.

Let it mix at the most about two minutes before you get it in the pan, and we did use our white lily, self-rising flour when you use the self-rising, then you don't have to add the baking powder and the salt.

So if you're using plain flour, you need to google how much baking powder and salt you need for those of you that can't get the self-rising flour.

The original recipe calls for more pecans than that.

But I personally think a cup of pecans is more than enough, um, it calls for a cup and a half of pecans.

And some people actually put coconut in our mississippi, mud cake, but we're, not putting coconut in it, because we didn't grow up with it that way and amy's coming home.

And we want it to be.

She will eat pecans.

But I don't think she would want the um coconut in it we're gonna put our batter in our pan.

So we're gonna spray our pan really well with some cooking spray.

Now this is baking.

It has the flour in it it's really good for cakes.

Now, you know when you got two cups of sugar and only a cup and a half of flour it's going to be a good sweet cake, this cake has got more butter than an average cake in it and more sugar, compared to the amount of flour that's going in so it's, a gooey, yummy cake all right so we're going to spread this out in this pan, get it in the oven.

Now you need to make sure you have all your ingredients out for your icing, have your icing ready to pour on the cake when it comes out of the oven, because you've got to let your marshmallows melt a little bit.

So you put your marshmallows on a hot cake.

All right.

We get to lick the spoon and get it in the oven 350 degrees until a toothpick comes out, clean how's that I'm gonna set it on 30 minutes and check it.

But it might take it more like 40 because of it being in a sheet pan, the cake's got about five minutes before it's done so we're going to go ahead and mix up our icing and be ready for it when it comes out to get those marshmallows on layer and you're going to start with a half stick of butter.

I always use salted butter in all of my recipes, canned evaporated milk, a third cup of the cocoa.

Some vanilla.

I put in a lot I'm generous because it's flavoring all right we'll put these in last.

And then once we get this mixed up, good we're going to add the pound of powdered sugar and it's, not going to be a thick icing it's going to be a thin icing, make sure I got all of the stuff from the edges of the bowl.

And when we add the pecans to it, it will also give it a little bit of depth we're going to go ahead and put some pecans in it.

So this recipe calls for a couple of cups of pecans, and I know, they're expensive to buy, um, I think it's just as good to get the chalk pecans as it is to get the whole ones, it's cheaper to get them.

And I mean, it tastes just as good.


This cake is probably going to fall in the middle I'm going to let it cook a little bit longer, um, because it is so gooey, ooey, gooey.

So get ready for it to be dumped in the middle a little.

Because whenever you've got a lot of sugar in a cake, it does that all right, okay, we're getting it out.

And while it's hot that's when you put on your marshmallows, well, my my marshmallows had melted together so we'll be using marshmallow cream.

You can use either or okay as long as it's got the marshmallow on it doesn't matter, which one you pick this one's easier to spread.

And you need to use plenty of it to make it good going to get me on a separate fritter for this.

So you put this on while the cake is still hot and seven ounces of work and y'all those of you that like seven minute, icing that's, pretty much what this tastes like for real it's, really sticky.

So it's going to want to pull your cake up that's.

Why you gotta put enough on there that you can spread it around and see how it's kind of dough down in the middle yummy it's gonna be yummy that's, ain't it.

Now I bet a lot of your mama's made this cake.

And I bet a lot of y'all enjoyed it, but it's hard, not to get the two mixed together when you're, um using the marshmallow cream, especially I'm sure.

But by now, even if you were using marshmallows, they should be melting that's.

It I'll just do a little swirl in it.

Both ways you know what it looks like pudding, don't.

It yummy it'll be delicious.

First, I want to apologize that the cameraman did not let his wife know she needed to fix her lipstick.

But now that I look all like I'm supposed to we're cutting the cake all right.

Look at this thing, does it look delicious or what and I'm gonna try my best to cut it and put it on this tray, we're gonna see if I can accomplish it, my goodness? Well, first off, let me get that thing out from under it.


Yeah, does that look good or what all right let's? See? How long does it need to be for my table up to here? Chris says, I don't think that's a good idea.

I said, we're gonna try to do it with my fish spatula and my regular spatula.

Can it be accomplished? Oh, the regular spatula is not cooperating.

Does that look good? Or what can you see the cake part over there or just the marshmallow, a little bit of both this looks good.

This is my piece of cake don't.

It look good.

It smells like chocolate, all right, I'm.

Cutting me a piece to try oops.

I want the end piece because it's going to be chewy like a brownie.

I think it's so sticky with that marshmallow.

That is like a sugar explosion.

It is a little over the top for me because how sweet it is.

But now my husband will go nuts over it won't you chris.

He loves a lot of sugar and stuff it's, very delicious.

It's, very chewy, it's, very sweet.

Thanks for watching color valley cuts where we cook like mama did bye.

Y'all love, ya, come back and see me now you.


What is the meaning of mud cake? ›

Definition of 'mudcake'

Mudcake is solid residue from the drilling fluid, left when the liquid passes through a permeable medium. The deposition of particles held in suspension in the drilling fluid seals porous wall rocks to form a mudcake.

Why is it called Mississippi mud cake? ›

The name Mississippi mud pie derives from the pie's appearance, which could remind casual observers of Mississippi River mud. Out of the oven, this dense chocolate dessert looks like Mississippi River clay that the sun has parched, crusted, and cracked.

What is a Mississippi mud cake? ›

Mississippi Mud Cake is a classic Southern sheet cake filled with marshmallows and chopped pecans and covered in a rich chocolate frosting. This particular recipe offers a cupcake variation as well as a shortcut version.

What was the flavor of the first cake? ›

The history of cake dates back to ancient times. The first cakes were very different from what we eat today. They were more bread-like and sweetened with honey. Nuts and dried fruits were often added.

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