HOW TO Make A Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake! Yummy! (2023)


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1 box of white or yellow cake mix, follow instructions on the box. Add 1 tsp of vanilla. Bake on 350 degrees, let cool, then cut in small cubes.

Get a pretty bowl and put a dab on f cool whip in the bottom.

Next add some cake chunks, then strawberries, then add strawberry glaze. Then add a layer of cool whip, then start with cake again , strawberries, glaze, repeat until finished. Let chill in fridge for 25 minutes, then enjoy!

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Good afternoon, everyone, I hope you all are doing fine today.

I hope you guys had a great saturday.

I want to thank you all for uh, watching my videos, my old subscribers.

And I thank the new for subscribers to this channel and I'm going to be doing a strawberry punch cake today, that's, what I'm going to be doing.

So these are some of the ingredients I'm just using our regular box and dunkin heist white cake mix.

You can use the yellow.

If you like two I'm, sorry, three egg, whites that I'm gonna put in this cake.

I have got these all over here.

I gotta get my oil of the pure vanilla flavor and I'm going to be adding the strawberry gel the strawberries, the whipped topping I'm going to add those after I mix this cake and bake it.

So just keep watching guys all right, guys, I'm back with the cake, mixer and I'm about to start this cake.

You can use this recipe for a valentine's cake.

If you like good old valentine's dessert.

So I've already put the cake mix in the bowl.

I have one cup of water.

And these are my three egg yolks that I separated from these three egg whites so I'm going to add those, and it calls for one half cup of oil, I'm just going to turn it on low.

Wow, oh.

So here I'm back.

I finished mixing up the cake, but I added one teaspoon of vanilla to this cake mix.

So what I'm gonna do now is get my pans come back and put my cake in the pan.

So just keep watching guys all right everybody.

So I'm, just gonna separate this cake mix put my cakes in the oven, and let them bake.

I already have my oven on 350.

And I just want these to bake up I'm going to cut them up into little squares, all right guys.

So I have my two pans of cake mix I'm going to put them in the oven on 350 for about 30 minutes, I'm gonna clean up and I'll come back and do the other part just just keep watching.

So everybody we back with the two cake layers.

So I'm gonna let them cool off and then I'll come back and cut them up and we'll start putting this cake together all right everybody.

So we are back with this strawberry punch bowl cake.

I have another bowl, but I have this little bowl here and I'm going to use this.

I got it from the dollar tree.

It was a dollar so 1.5 so I'm going to use this little bowl and have already taken my strawberry glaze.

I put it in one of these little mustard and ketchup bottles.

I had this in a cabinet.

So I said that will come in good, but you don't have to have that you can spoon it on just drizzle it on.

I have my strawberries here.

I rinse, my strawberries make sure you wash, the strawberries real good and let them dry.

And my cool whip also.

And I took one of the pans of cake and cut it up.

And I just put it on top of here.

So we can start with that.

I have my spatula here, I'm just going to take a little bit and just put it on the bottom of this.

Fold and I'm, not sure how much cool I'm going to use, but I already had one container.

So I just bought another small container.

So what we're going to do here? My hands are clean I'm just going to take some of this tape, put it in the bottom.

And if you want to make a bigger punch bowl cake, you can use two boxes of cake mix just put it on a sheet pan.

You can do it like that.

So next I'm gonna cut up some strawberries.

You can cut these up, uh, whatever way you like let's cut up some berries.

I just want to give you the idea.

So I'm gonna drizzle some clays come back and put some cool and just spread it on make sure you have some around your edge of the bowl and just spread it and then I'm going to put another layer and then I'm going to put another little cake.

If you want to do a cream, cheese, uh with cool whip you can.

And I think you all pretty much get the idea it's, just a repeat that's.

All, I know this is going to be so good.

So I gotta open the other bowl so I'm back with my last bowl of cool.

So I gotta go light on this I'll, leave the ingredients down in the description box.

And this is the last cake.

I didn't cut this one up all I did was just went down just cut it in little blocks that's, all I did, and you can cut it whatever size you like, but you don't want it too large.

And then it all depends on what size you make into guys.

I forgot to put a layer of strawberries.

My fault.

I sure did I forgot about the strawberries and like I said, make sure your strawberries are dry all right? So there we have it.

So from the size of my bowl, I can only use one more layer of cake.

And like I say, this would be a good recipe for a cake recipe for valentine's day or any other time.

So I can take this, and I can still use this in a cup with some strawberries and some cool milk.

So I'm gonna set this to the side all right, and like I say, make sure you put some around the edge that just makes it look a little prettier so I'm going to put strawberries on here.

And then I probably put a few on top for some decoration.

You can put as many strawberries as you want.

And the strawberry jail was in the produce department, buy the strawberries.

It was 1.39 all right and I'm back with the cool whip turn it around do.

So I am going to put this strawberry on top that would be my little decoration.

There you go I'm gonna put this in the refrigerator and I'm gonna come back and taste this cake guys.

So just keep watching hello.


I am back again with this punch bowl cake.

I did put it in the refrigerator for about 20 30 minutes to let it just kind of marinate the flavors, I'm gonna taste this just see how it tastes guys all right so I'm gonna dig in right here.

And this looks so good.

And I got my bowl right.

But this was the first bowl that I could reach.

So I'm gonna try it smells? Good, it looks good all right? What I have here is not that much because it's a whole lot of cool whip in there.

And the cake is not really too heavy because use egg whites, and we used all, but we didn't use any butter this time.

So here it is.

This is very tasty, very, very, tasty.


I taste the cake, the strawberries, the cool milk and the strawberry cream in all of this cake.

And then it looks on the inside guys.

So whenever you get time, don't, forget to try this, uh, I really hope you try it.

I hope you make it for somebody for valentine's day.

If not just make you make it for yourself, if not for somebody else's make you one it's, very light.

So don't, forget to comment like share and subscribe.

And I hope to see you in my next video, and I want to say happy early valentine's day to everyone.

And you guys be blessed.

See you in the next video.

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