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Interchange is a popular playable map in Escape from Tarkov thanks to its noticeable shopping mall with multiple stores. Each one of these has its specific loot and valuable items, so you’ll need to learn them pretty well in order to get the best from this level. Plus, keep an eye on the boss wandering around.

Check IGN’s guide to know more about Interchange. Learn its extraction points, overall details, and how you should play this map.

  • Interchange Overview
  • Extraction Points
  • Best Interchange Kit
  • Tips for Playing in Interchange


Interchange Overview

“The South Interchange is a key transport location for the city. This strategic area connects the port and harbor with the industrial outskirts of Tarkov. Located in the center of the interchange is a huge ULTRA shopping mall which was used as the main base of operation for the EMERCOM evacuation.” [In-game description]
  • Quantity of PMC players: from 10 to 14.
  • Duration of Raid: 40 minutes.
  • Size: medium map, with both indoors and outdoors sections.
  • Bosses: Killa.

Extraction Points

NameDescriptionWho Can Use It?Is It Always Open/Usable?Does It Require A Key Or Action?Picture
Railway ExfilBetween a wall full of graffiti and a cargo train on the northwestern side of the map. You need to step near the wall, on the left side.EveryoneYesNo
Power StationFind the black SUV on the northeastern side of the level, next to the Power Station.PMCNo, the vehicle needs to be there.Yes, you need to pay 5,000 Roubles next to the black SUV.
Scav CampOn the West at the center area of the map. There’s a highway with multiple containers on it. You need to enter the green one, with some barrels in it. Go at the end, near the open door.EveryoneYesYes, you need to extract with another player of a different type (with a PMC if you’re a Scav and vice versa).
Hole In FenceOn the East at the center area of the map, stand on the wall behind some barrels and near a red and green container.EveryoneYesDrop your backpack to enter here.
Emercom CheckpointOn the southeastern side of the map, near the border, there's a location with trucks and military tents. Stand in front of the vehicle facing you.EveryoneYesNo
Safe RoomA tricky one. It's located on the east of Garage C, below the whole Oli section of the mall. It's a door to the left of a red container and some lights.EveryoneNoIt requires three steps. You have to activate the Power Switch found in the Power Station, use a urinal in the Burger Spot, and have the Object 11SR Keycard.

Best Interchange Kit

When playing on this map, you’ll want to explore the multiple stores available and find some sweet loot. In that case, using shotguns, assault rifles, light machine guns, and submachine guns, is the best call.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a designated marksman rifle of your preference if you want (especially for the outside of the shop center, which is key for extraction points). You’ll definitely want something that is fast and can secure you some headshots.

To know more about what guns and pieces of equipment to bring, you can check our Weapons Guide, Best Armor Guide, and Best Pistol Guide pages. Also, never forget that the most important thing about a weapon is the bullet you choose, so check our Best Tarkov Ammo Guide for some useful tips.


Tips for Playing in Interchange

  • Learn all the different zones in the shopping mall. They will have specific loot, so you will visit the ones you want and need in each Raid. The red area, called Goshan, has food and drinks. The green one (OLI) has construction materials, which are also available at the blue store called IDEA.
  • The whole building has three floors: the main floor, the first floor, and an underground garage. Usually, there can be Scav bots on all floors, but they focus on the center of the mall. Also, you can find some in the periphery of the building, following linear paths.
  • Looking for graphic cards? Interchange is the best map for this valuable. Check the numerous offices on the mall, which have some of the biggest chances of spawning VGAs. Also, note that most advanced players know about this and will be looking for the same thing.
  • Beware of Killa, who’s perhaps the most dangerous boss in the game. He can spawn anywhere inside the shopping center, and he basically tracks you when you’re a PMC. Scavs with high Scav Karma won’t be bothered by the boss.
  • The mall of full of dark places. Attaching a flashlight to your weapons, when possible, will give you an advantage — even when you expose yourself by giving away your position to enemies.
  • Please note that almost every extraction point isn’t inside the main building — they are in the corners of the map, outdoors. You should pay attention to your time remaining because you might need a couple of minutes to run to the closest point.
  • Also, beware of campers. These are some of the easiest spots to be camping thanks to the open areas in which they are. Always keep your eyes and ears open.

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