Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji's Version Of Malevolent Shrine, Explained (2024)


  • Yuji has shown significant growth in the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, unlocking his Shrine cursed technique.
  • Despite not fully utilizing his new power, Yuji has the potential to manifest a unique Domain Expansion.
  • The key differences between Yuji's Malevolent Shrine and Sukuna's version showcase Yuji's creativity and safety in combat.

Yuji Itadori has shown tremendous growth in the Shinjuku Showdown Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen. He's already one of the strongest characters in the series right now, and even though the spotlight might have been taken away from him due to the ongoing events of the battle between Yuta and Sukuna, Yuji still stands as one of the strongest.


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In fact, he hasn't had the opportunity to showcase what he is truly capable of, especially when it comes to the usage of his Shrine cursed technique. This is his newly awakened power, but, strangely enough, Yuji has not utilized it properly at all, landing a total of zero significant blows with it so far. However, that won't be the case for long, and eventually, Yuji will make sure to properly utilize this cursed technique in the many battles to come. At the same time, there is also a possibility that Yuji will manifest a proper domain expansion, but his version of this technique is most definitely going to be different from that of Sukuna.

Yuji's Awakening Of The Shrine Cursed Technique

Yuji Managed To Awaken His Second Cursed Technique In Shinjuku

Yuji awakened the Shrine cursed technique rather recently in Jujutsu Kaisen. Before Yuta came to the battlefield using Gojo's body and decided to engage Sukuna in combat, Yuji was the one who was primarily handling the fight against him. Fans clearly saw Yuji utilize multiple Black Flashes in a row, and because of that, he was able to weaken the King of Curses quite a bit. The Black Flashes themselves did not defeat Sukuna, nor did they give Yuji an opportunity to finish them off. The biggest significance of the Black Flash was that it enabled Yuji to unlock his latent potential and bring out a cursed technique that fans knew was inside of him.

Beneath the scattering sparks of black...Itadori Yuji...Awakens

Yuji finally tapped into the power of the Shrine, and was able to manifest the same cursed technique as Sukuna. This surprised the King of Curses, however, in the back of his head, he knew that this was a possibility. In fact, Gojo had clearly mentioned early on in the series that Yuji would eventually go on to learn Sukuna's cursed technique, as his power was bound to seep into his body, which would give him access to all of his abilities and make him quite powerful. Now, Yuji has manifested Sukuna's Shrine cursed technique and so far, he has used it only a bit.

He used the Shrine curse technique to chop a pillar, and then, he tried to grab Sukuna's foot and use this technique to take it from him. However, he was unable to do so. Essentially, it can be said that Yuji has only used his cursed technique properly on one occasion, which was to chop a pillar in half. This was insignificant as well, due to this accomplishing nothing in the grand scheme of things. This simply means that there is more to come from Yuji awakening the shrine Cursed Technique. It would be absolutely preposterous if the author simply gave him the cursed technique and not have him use it properly.

Sukuna has two types of slashing attacks. The Default slash, Dismantle. And the other one, Cleave, which can be adjusted according to the target's toughness and cursed energy levels to cut them down in one fell swoop.

In fact, the handling that JJK has shown for this is rather bizarre, to begin with. Having Yuji awaken a new power and then not utilize it in combat, proceeding by someone else taking the spotlight is weird, to begin with. However, all is not lost and Gege can still make a great impression here, potentially taking things one step further, and unlocking a Domain Expansion as well.

Yuji's Domain Expansion Manifestation

Yuji Can Manifest His Domain Expansion Very Soon

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji's Version Of Malevolent Shrine, Explained (2)

Yuji Itadori will most likely fight against Sukuna again. Fans must remember that no matter how strong Yuta is, he's not going to be the one to finish off Sukuna properly. For starters, Yuta is not as strong as Gojo. He cannot utilize techniques with the same efficiency as him.

However, even if that were to be true, then, fans need to remember that Yuta has a strict time limit of 5 minutes. Fans do not know what exactly will happen to him after the 5 minutes are up, and that essentially means that Yuji and Todo will most likely have to fight once again. Yuta's barrier will come down eventually, and fans will get to see Yuji join the battle. When that happens, Yuji vs Sukuna is a possibility once again. Now, fans also know that Yuji has seen Sukuna use Domain Expansion in his body. This means that this technique too must be engraved into him, and he will make use of it eventually.

It would actually be a massive missed opportunity if Yuji were to not make use of the pinnacle of Jujutsu sorcery that Sukuna has already engraved into his body. Yuji should make use of Malevolent Shrine at some point in this fight for the King of Curses to witness, especially given how different the usage of his version of this cursed technique is.


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How Yuji's Shrine Will Be Different From Sukuna's

Yuji's Malevolent Shrine Will Be A Safer And Less Indiscriminate Version Of The Technique

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji's Version Of Malevolent Shrine, Explained (4)

When comparing Yuji's Shrine to Sukuna's, fans have already noticed key differences. For one, Sukuna's Shrine is meant to be more dangerous and indiscriminate. Essentially, it kills anything and everything in its path because Sukuna does not care about what is in front of him. Meanwhile, Yuji's version of the Shrine is somewhat different. Whenever Yuji wants to chop something up, he first lays a scissor mark on the surface and only the portion that he wants to cut gets cut up. This makes Yuji's version of the Shrine much safer. The domain expansion will follow similar rules and make it very different from the one that Sukuna manifests.

According to Sukuna, this is because of the difference in both the era during which these techniques awakened, and at the same time, the users being very different as well. Regardless, fans will definitely get to see a different version of Malevolent Shrine. For starters, fans need to take into consideration that Yuji's domain expansion will likely be an open-barrier domain as well. This is because Sukuna has engraved it in his body and he should be able to make use of it with enough training or in the heat of battle.

However, Yuji's Domain Expansion will be different. He should be able to chop up only what he wants to chop up, which makes it a much safer version of the Shrine than the one that Sukuna utilizes. Yuji might be able to mark everything or pinpoint things that he wants to cut up within his range, and then launch powerful scissor-like slashes at his targets. This would make the Domain Expansion very unique and give Yuji a perfect way to showcase his creativity.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji's Version Of Malevolent Shrine, Explained (5)

Giving Yuji the same Domain Expansion as Sukuna would be somewhat lazy. On the other hand, it would be incredibly exciting if Yuji were to figure out new usages of this Domain Expansion and, at the same time, surprise even the King of Curses himself.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 263, is set to be June 30, 2024.

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Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji's Version Of Malevolent Shrine, Explained (2024)


How does Yujis Shrine work? ›

Essentially, the power of Shrine allows Yuji to access slicing and dicing attacks. Yuji can essentially make use of Cleave and Dismantle, and fans will recognize this ability from Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses.

Does Yuji get Malevolent Shrine? ›

However, the recently released chapters #257 and #258 of Jujutsu Kaisen have shed some new light on how Yuji can take a shortcut and achieve this ability. Surprisingly, Yuji, who previously couldn't utilize cursed techniques, showcased the use of Sukuna's Malevolent Shrine in chapter #257.

What is the malevolent shrine technique? ›

Malevolent Shrine's guaranteed-hit ability relentlessly slashes apart anything until nothing but dust remains of what has been caught in the effective range, via Sukuna's two types of slashing attacks: Cleave and Dismantle, which only cease when the domain is disengaged or Sukuna is so badly injured he can not sustain ...

How does Malevolent Shrine not have a barrier? ›

Malevolent Shrine differs from other domains in that it doesn't create a separate space using a barrier, akin to an artist painting not on a canvas, but on air. truly, a divine technique. Using a Binding Vow, Sukuna can effectively increase the range of his domain to almost up to 200 m.

Is Malevolent Shrine stronger than Infinite Void? ›

Unlimited Void proved to be as equally refined as Sukuna's Malevolent Shrine, resulting in an even domain clash where both of their guaranteed hits were neutralized. However, Malevolent Shrine's barrier was open and its range was far superior to Unlimited Void's.

How does Yuji's cursed technique work? ›

Simply put, Yuji has a time lag in his cursed energy and, usually, when he coats his fists with a thin layer of cursed energy, and strikes his targets, a second blow of powerful cursed energy then flows inside the body of the target, which allows him to effectively deal two blows in one punch.

Is Yuji powerless without Sukuna? ›

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga has been exploring a new side of Sukuna after escaping Yuji Itadori's body with the newest chapters, and the newest . Regardless of whether or not Yuji is born a sorcerer, the fact that he naturally lacks cursed energy automatically takes away his ability to use . He's just really strong, lmao.

Can Yuji surpass Sukuna? ›

Yuji Confirmed To Surpass Ryomen Sukuna

To make things even crazier, the editor himself confirmed that Yuji was not just trying to get on Sukuna's level, but actually surpass him.

Can Yuji do black flash at Will? ›

Mahito, Todo, and Yuji each fighting at 120% of their potential after unleashing Black Flash. Unleashing Black Flash requires incredible concentration and no jujutsu sorcerer is capable of using it at will, not even Satoru Gojo. It does not occur randomly and requires immense skill and combat potential to pull off.

What happens in Malevolent Shrine? ›

Malevolent Shrine hits anything within its effective range relentlessly with slashing attacks. Sukuna can customize the range of his technique up to 200 meters. Anything with cursed energy is hit with Cleave and inanimate objects are destroyed with Dismantle.

How strong is Malevolent Shrine? ›

Malevolent Shrine is one of the strongest and overpowered Domain Expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen, belonging to Sukuna. It can slice enemies with its cutting ability. Deadly Sentencing, owned by Hiromi Higuruma, is a non-lethal Domain Expansion that can take away the cursed technique from those found guilty.

What is Megumi cursed technique called? ›

Powers and abilities

Megumi is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, defaulting to weaponry and Cursed Techniques in battle. His primary ability is the Ten Shadows Technique, inherited from the Zenin family, allowing him to summon friendly Cursed Spirits that will fight against anything considered a threat.

Can Yuji use Malevolent Shrine? ›

Yuji can either utilize the power of a Blood Domain, which would be a very cool idea, or, he can manifest in the power of Malevolent Shrine, which is the same ability that Sukuna utilizes as well.

Why does Sukuna like Megumi? ›

Moreover, as Sukuna had displayed interest in Megumi's technique from the beginning, the King of Curses undoubtedly plans to use the technique for something. While the specifics remain unknown, it is seen that Sukuna always displayed interest in Megumi with the hopes of taking over his body and technique.

Who killed Gojo? ›

Gojo and Sukuna were evenly matched, showcasing their abilities and pushing each other to the extreme. Despite Gojo's strength and resilience, Sukuna countered his Infinity and ultimately killed him, leaving fans shocked and uncertain about the future of the series.

What is the shrine technique in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Sukuna's "Shrine" technique is divided into two types of slashing attacks. Dismantle allows Sukuna to instantly slash apart his target from afar. The other, Cleave, can be adjusted with cursed energy to cut down tougher opponents in one powerful slash by touching them.

How does JJK Gojo cursed technique work? ›

Satoru Gojo's Limitless Cursed Technique is an impressive power that allows him to manipulate space within Jujutsu Kaisen. With this ability, he can distort, expand, and control the space within his proximity.

How does Megumi's cursed technique work? ›

Megumi's Cursed Technique – The Ten Shadows Technique

The 10 Shadows Technique allows megumi to use shadows as an intermediary to summon different shikigami. He can summon up to 10 different Shikigami and they are incredibly dangerous.

How does Nanami's cursed technique work? ›

When used by Nanami, the Ratio Technique allows him to divide a target into tenths. On striking said target at exactly the point where the ratio is 7:3, they will be able to deliver a critical hit. This is the meaning of the "Ratio" in the technique's name, as the 7:3 point is essentially the target's weakest spot.

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