Mama’s Surprise Birthday Party | 60th Birthday (2023)


Welcome to our family vlog!

We surprised our mom on her 60th birthday. Enjoy watching!

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The surprise, why are you four is birthday take up it's, a little tiny miniature well, maybe I'll show you each attracted to someone open open Ilana, wait so was I watching you expect me Debbie.

What it did you to serve all the blood since you're receiving right now you deserve this wonderful.

And of course, fabulous birthday celebration because you have a beautiful.

God turns, yeah, we have you have a good daughter again.

We should have press releases the best of course, Oh.

Ha, here we got these and so man, our breaking seller r and celebrating our 60th birthday introduces dance, 30 thought with myself and ex-boyfriend.

Sir you actually one reimbursement and Nevada Mizuki.

They leave me in the middle of America, I didn't, even know, many times, we know, good Posada as a part of you I thought, everyone was very nice Familia, not even American, ammonium, permanent, CEO.

But God gave me a sort of being perfectionist one, but it helps know some oficina strict my Kyoto people take the moment, but for submit multiple Linea, muskegon, my opponent Oh, Oh, Sofia Mia.

So what I see in that's right? Guys I love you so much as well as very worried, respira know, I love, you more birthdays to come.

Of course, he says of kisaku, you know that how my yokai you have all in terms of that.

Then you keep trying to worship good namitha.

There is no she's not to me as my Bible actually I've known her for just maybe five months.

Since I assume last September was very sensitive sensible that so more than three years so relationship for a memorable Rose, a very family.

The dummies are impossible.

So my wish is that on a wish, but it's more the player and sunglasses, the prayer and vishna policy.

Uh, Nana said, she 24cm grandchildren will go up to be successful as a person as Christian a citizen of this country, I really bring say glass.

The mother always wants the best for the children.

So that's, why we are hearing that see sister I'm walking the Apple music industry without sincerity me company, chemos a moment, it's a program it's a grenade.

They like the music of the composer, Christ mocked, an airbase chapter.

We are all of us Couples for Christ ready for the I know, they're in heaven Obama say about foreign for your upbringing, San Antonio, nonpartisan, Horizonte, pasinetta home on October 7 attacking insanity attorney.

And of course to my siblings are here logical model, actually, trapping la.

Barraca debatable, not a novel about showering a surprise morning, Raja yoga.

Back this is beyond my expectation.


The home is eligible any bias across Italy pyun-gyung Guinea panel, salon, mama, purnima, Kumari, look over at Auburn story.

A sequel Ruby, take almost a month, Ilana taco, taco, taco, gauging of or skirt canceled and saucers grabbing I see like a Natchitoches landing, a copy and he'll apply no hwacha book, rebound, barrage of my surprise go to my precious, and we are precious wonderful and loving family.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much every little time alone, you know, amazi, I know for sure I can do the one without evil a detour.

Good morning.

Did you? Whoa you and is anything there? She can happy birthday, mama happy 60th birthday.

So how does it feel to be a diversity said? It was special Oh.

See you? Hello baby have a great day.

But this game is absolutely expect.

You you anymore hitting the donkey down.

No possibility for Oh is jung, se-jin, holida, bastinado home, which the Altima human droga be born as a la.

Semana yogi, but present nominee Tokyo.

And of course, Rafi name is Bobby, Lee CFC and banana papinek a nominee moon, my realize the young, but a moral and a surprise that man, chicane Salama in Allah mentioned of a salsa versa.

Surprise, a surprise to go psyche, Bohannon Akane something familiar.

And of course, the way my tummy to chef, C, Salama, cinemates, a banana and may the good Lord I was I.

Am so much that's big words and my prayer is may the good Lord bless us and keep us always you for watching.

My name is things ii to be all the glory.

The party never stop the following day.

My what can you say about yesterday's surprise birthday party Wow surprised that that was what it takes to be a surprised actually handle a on until now I know, Papa I am still in a state of shock.

Shock, Akana in Dakota laga Amy expect.

My plan, my plan on my Familia for para 60th birthday celebration, and then yon para he'll be back in the Potomac upon you o, allah, salla, half lemon I'm, angry, actually for a Impala and Maggie Singh Mac called him.

You wanna tag above all women and all that I own so much I was not like a kamikaze ylang-ylang.

But enough money, Anita only I I was not there with them pero.

Yo, come back on topper in Silla, I know, long, sir been a-been a video nalang, and then your uncle and Marty check-in Tammy and a whole family and tells us the mapping your mummy make up, yo, Sabina and a possibility to see mama, divide, you're, not planning on that dynamic photo, shoot family for our family portrait.

So young my mommy makes up basically, no makeup.

Hello, I know, telegin and Asarco, no mine in a crafter say, I'm, Phineas, a king must magenta, Pangolin, make am so thankful to my family.

Of course, I sell hot lemon and I involved in bit panel, and as a surprise or see leather hat and go back to what Perihan.

So, thank you so much to K and J N, and of course, Curt cancel and to my lovey-dovey, laying that hanjo, pencil on my satin man.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

And then you my not great Wow your money like we through video, parent, global Cosima, Canada, those on Visayas, Mindanao, I, grab it in short, I.


So touched that's beyond words, suppressed oppressed.

Illogical, glass, that's - my name is family's.

But I see is that again in any KS appendage, a endings, but what Elena video dr.

bong Manilow.

And of course, dr.

Raza finally caught up I, love you so much a la me on Alawi, eligaya, Thank, You, telega for the so much help.

No Masaaki Imai means a lemon and Dr Ng dog, Angie.

Thank you so much dog.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Select lahat.

Seconded I, see, Lannister master and family.

Maraming salamat said, greetings answer, prayers.


Angry, from double onion family came and principal like, you know what ninu yuna peanut, I'm gonna you're not grab it's, a like a delicacy whirling.

Crabby I.

Go on your second don't know, me Camino siesta.

Sigh name is family samara nice elements at alumna, tiny learning new cake cakes.

And what I thank you telega amélie's is Ivy's Ivy's.

And of course, Hannah maraming salamat.

But as you see, new, cupcakes and Liholiho, my dance presentation, Casilla, Wow, the spa must pop aquatic I, recover my CFC family, my extended family.

Thank you so much for coming young, maraming, maraming, maraming, salamat for the prayers and everything for the support.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And of course, society me J and so family, Nietzsche and man, I, miss element that like that non support I mean you you win.

Thank you so much.

And of course to say, leo, thank you.

Thank you and the photographer sir.

Thank you so much at least I've experienced Copa Panama, post, Wow exactly noch amol Akitas.

Oh, my god some are photos from, oh, wow.

Sanam Ankita, Perry, okizay, a Lampoon Doka subpoenas, like my a drop-by ukulele couple my and my anak about my my props, Wow, NASA, family, telegin music.

So, thank you so much for their for graphic alignment, keypad at Apple I will see each other and the most.

Thank you.

So much Lord selahattin ahead for the gift of life.

Now I reached this age.

66 p.m., 6, p.m.

Thank you so much for the gift of life for the gift of family and for the gift of friends and to those who are with me last night celebrating with me last night, my heartfelt, thanks may God, bless us.

Always a little play time with Kia, Hey, It's, A, Wrap surprise, party subset till I next vlog.

Yeah, yeah.


Bye say, bye.

Bye, yeah.



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  7. 6 “Thank you for taking the time to get this.”
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