Nine of Wands – the Lord of Great Power and Strength – the Courage Under Fire (2024)

The 9 of Wands speaks of the desire to defend oneself and the ability to cope with problems.

This self-protection can be interpreted both positively and negatively. We are talking about acquiring the “Great Strength”, the ability to withstand any test of strength, to adequately withstand any difficulties and challenges of reality (and not desperately give in to them). The primary meaning of this card is “Courage Under Fire”.

Surrounded by negative cards, the old interpretation sounds like “creeping trouble.”

The Nine of Wands has been considered a card of victory, almost to the same extent as the Six of Wands. Compared to the latter, it has less “pomp and parade”, it is a map of the will power and personal inner strength of the questioner. Therefore, this card can be considered a good sign if it falls to a person who is faced with serious problems or dangers.

The 9 of Wands is a card of skill, strength and courage, its energy communicates the ability to endure in the most difficult situations.

The 9 of Wands indicates the incompleteness of the situation, whether it is an “unfinished gestalt” of the past, an unfinished state of affairs in the present, or the absence of a final outcome in the future.

It also indicates delays, and we have to tensely wait for something.

The Nine of Wands means stubbornness, resistance to any situation or event, where we expect only trouble.

There is no threat, but only our memories of past troubles, hence our current “defensive” state.

A steadfast tin soldier in the line of duty. The person of the Nine of Wands is ready to face any danger with his chest in order to defend the positions won earlier.

It shows determination, strength, courage, perseverance. A person, even having gone beyond the limits of his strength (and the comfort zone – for sure!), tired, “wounded”, but does not give up, does not allow himself to leave his post, does not stop making high demands on himself, and exposes himself to new tests.

You have both – the wary expectation of difficulties, and the ability to wisely plan activities and the willingness to take any necessary action at any moment.

You know that your battles are not in vain. You are driven not only by the desire to defend yourself, but also by self-respect and dignity. You are a great specialist to defend your interests (sometimes someone else’s).

You are running away from the past and slamming the door behind yourself.

You are not free from the past – you still are guarding a door preventing you from taking a step into the future. You need to finally let go the past, turning it into the foundation for further transformations in life.

Surrounded by negative cards, the Nine of Wands can indicate depression, anxiety and fatigue from life (everything is done “with the last effort”).

The Nine of Wands is a vigilant mind that makes sure that the will power stays strong.

This is constant exhausting self-control. The pathos of this card is vigilance, experience in business, awareness of actions. Crowley emphasizes the unity of the conscious and the unconscious, where wholeness and strength flow. The huge unused potential of the unconscious can now be directed towards achieving the goal, and this gives a feeling of a great power, you shall embrace the power and not be afraid of what us coming. This power can transform all aspects of his being.

Ziegler writes: “The budding of self-realization does not allow a return to the familiar situation of weakness and ignorance.”

The release of energy beyond the limits is a key experience, the beginning of a far-reaching unfolding of the inner potential (the Tower, by the way, is a great help here). A person understands that he is capable of more. Confidence and a desire to develop do not come from the conscious mind (which can be self-deceiving about this), but directly from the unconscious. It emits a powerful stream of energy that inspires us, helping us to feel resources and potential, confidence in our abilities.

A professor can say to a graduate student – do not shy away from the questions of the commission (“courage under fire”), believe in yourself, move forward with the hope of winning, do not give up. Since protection is not given to anyone for free, the card speaks of tension, threat, the need to withstand pressure. It indicates the psychological expectation of difficulties and change, sometimes hidden enemies.

It is also a card of protection and self-defense in the psychoanalytic sense (from changing ideas about oneself).

It may be fear of one’s own unconscious, fear of reopening old wounds. It also speaks of the ability to successfully fence off the past, break with it, abandon old habits, burn bridges. “The door to the past will slam shut so tightly that no sound will come out again.” Achievement of a new promising level.

The Nine of Wands means penetration into other levels of consciousness. This card symbolizes the beginning of seeing yourself in a different light. On a social level, this can be a new value system.

The sight of a man on the card suggests that he has just had to endure a difficult battle, and he still looks around in search of enemies.

Do not expect an attack, the danger is behind. It’s time to do peaceful things, perhaps finally work on yourself, devote your time and energy to spiritual development.

The second decade of Sagittarius symbolizes the expansion of consciousness, its dominance over the world and expansion into all spheres of being.

The Moon is traditionally considered its ruler. Energy here is transformed into a high susceptibility of ideas and feelings and an intuitive understanding of a holistic picture of the world, which contributes to building a solid worldview.

Reliance on past traditions serves as a source of spiritual wealth and practical knowledge of the present.

Sagittarius does not rely on himself, but on what is hidden behind him: on his worldview and the objective ideals of society. Sagittarius tends to idealize the experience of the past. This is the most romantic decade of the Zodiac, establishing a living connection with the past and drawing spirituality from the depths of centuries. Spirituality is driven by a desire for independence, a love of travel and other cultures, as well as a tendency to take responsibility for what is happening, sometimes more than a person can bear.

Excessive expansion leads to dispersion of the personality (which can give Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon). And in order not to give empty promises, in vain encouraging others, it is important to control the completion of each stage of the activity according to the principle: “Finished the job – walk boldly!”. The effectiveness of the work strengthens confidence in their ideas and gives impetus to new achievements.

And yet, unlike other nines, the Nine of Wands reflects the character of Pisces rather than Sagittarius. The influence of Neptune is stronger here, and Jupiter is weaker. symbolizes the expectation of difficulties and changes, the expectation of turbulent periods of life and their premonition, the anticipation of enmity.

Light and shadow (advice and caution)

Set aside self-doubt and do what you lacked the courage to do.

Persevere in your activities and you will achieve what you want. A favorable outcome is at hand. It is important not to succumb to illusions and not to give up.

Place a bet on skill, experience, discipline, and firmly defend your interests.

Shadow: an illusion of one’s own greatness and a too harsh approach to life’s problems.

The second decade of Sagittarius from December 2 to 10.

Astrological equivalents: Sun in Sagittarius, Pisces, planets Jupiter and Neptune, Twelfth House. Saturn/Venus as protectors and patrons.

Smart planning of activities, self-discipline, ability to cope with difficulties and problems, – courage under fire.

Job well done, tasks successfully completed.

Fatigue while still ready to fight and defend – the situation is almost over, but not quite yet.

It is known that the closer to the goal, the stronger the resistance, and the darkness is thickest just before dawn.

The old interpretation is a small break in the ongoing struggle.

There is a premonition of someone’s opposition, the foreshadowing of the actions of competitors.

Here the symbolism of 9 of Wands speaks for itself. The main character of the Arcana is a man of about thirty years old, dressed in the clothes of a commoner and hard worker.

He is alone, but he is looking warily at someone who seems to be preparing to enter the space, with his whole appearance expressing a calm readiness to defend himself (similar to the Arcana “Strength”).

His head is bandaged, as if he is injured. He is pale, with circles under his eyes, as after sleepless nights of work, and is like a tired, shabby graduate student, waiting for a commission and ready to defend himself. He learned planning and discipline, acquired a new skill of a different level.

Now he is ready for a confrontation, to show that very “courage under fire.”

The palisade behind his back is the previously won positions, what he defends. A card of a senior student of a serious educational institution. Hard to learn, easy to fight.

Police and investigators, firefighters, dispatchers, medical and emergency crews pass through this card.

This is a professional card of security guards of all stripes, and experienced defenders of someone’s interests (for example, lawyers).

Traditionally, it is a card of financial success, an indicator that everything is quite well in the material sphere of life (in any case, the ends meet). A person has achieved previously set goals and is now reaping the fruits of his due diligence.

This is a card of resilience in solitude – a person actively defends himself from encroachments on himself. Perhaps the reason for this is some kind of past trauma, a painful experience. The “War Fortifications” of the Nine of Wands erects an ego that feels the need to retire and protect itself from threats.

The partner described by the Nine of Wands is suspicious and prudent. He does not trust the questioner and is ready for self-defense if something happens. He has what is called a strong character.

In a relationship, the card may indicate alienation, separation from each other, fatigue.

The Nine of Wands personifies the state of mind, which in fairy tales is called “cold heart”. We bristle with all the needles and resist any changes. We took a decisive step and slammed all the doors to retreat behind us.

As an indicator of the disease, it can talk about head injuries, concussion, chronic fatigue and dullness of attention, energy depletion.

Health undermined by overstrain.

The reversed Nine of Wands is considered an indication of undermined, precarious health and immune system problems (it is difficult for the body to “fend for itself”).

The reversed Nine of Wands has long been considered a bad omen. The 9 of Wands informs about obstacles and delays, problems and troubles, in the worst case, failure, loss and disasters.

What a person diligently defends in a straight card, in a reversed card, it is taken right from under his nose. These are problems that arise overnight. It is also a card that says that experience teaches nothing – a person steps on a rake again and again, which once already hit him on his bandaged forehead.

In a reversed position, the 9 of Wands indicates inertia of thinking, narrowness of views, closed mind, loss of connection with reality. A person is struggling with something that is not of primary importance (treating the symptoms, not the cause) or defending something that is not worth it, and this situation only takes all energy from him.

Dead periods in work, rollback point, regression in development.

Poor health – a person is still inclined to rely on himself, but his strength is betraying him.

With Strength – greater stamina, determination and courage

With the Seven of Wands – defending one’s opinion and one’s rights

With the Two of Swords – exceptional isolation, rejection, rebuff

Three of Cups – eliminates the drive for isolation and improves trusting others

With the Eight of Cups – fatigue, exhaustion of resources for struggle and confrontation

With the Eight of Pentacles – exceptional perseverance


Nine of Wands – the Lord of Great Power and Strength – the Courage Under Fire (2024)
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