Relaxium Sleep: Fact or Fiction? (2024)

Update: 4/3/23. Have you seen the Relaxium Sleep TV commercials featuring Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas? Other commercials feature Mike with musician Larry Gatlin. Relaxium. Sleep is touted as a natural, drug-free insomnia supplement that can help you fall asleep 140X faster. Impressive claims and there's some research too so in this Relaxium review, let's look at the ingredients and research as well as the company that makes this sleep aid supplement, including what the main ingredient might be and what you need to know about the free sample. If Relaxium didn't work for you, you'll also learn about the money-back guarantee and how to get a refund too. Affiliate Disclosure: This site may earn a small commission on purchases you make. See the affiliate disclosure page for more insights. Also, see the Relief Factor review.

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1 What Is Relaxium?

2 Is The Free Bottle Of Relaxium Really Free?

3 Relaxium Ingredients

4 Where Can You Buy Relaxium?

5 Video Review

6 What Is Valerest?

6.1 Valerest Clinical Study

7 Relaxium Sleep Research

7.1 Relaxium Clinical Study Results

8 Does Ashwagandha Help Sleep?

10 Better Business Bureau Review

11 Is It Made in America?

12 Celebrity Endorsem*nts

13 Negative Customer Complaints

14 Relaxium Contact Phone Number

17 Relaxium and The FDA

18 Relaxium Sleep vs. Relaxium Calm

19 Relaxium Max Focus Ingredients

19.1 Can Vitamin B6 Reduce Anxiety?

21 What Do I Suggest?

22 Does Relaxium Sleep Really Work?

22.1 What Do You Think?

What Is Relaxium?

Relaxium is not a prescription drug but a sleep aid dietary supplement. According to the company that makes this supplement – American Behavioral Research Institute – its Tripple Action Formula is touted to address 3 key areas that keep you from getting a good night's sleep:

  1. regulating your natural sleep cycle
  2. relaxing the body
  3. calming the mind

Is The Free Bottle Of Relaxium Really Free?

Relaxium Sleep: Fact or Fiction? (1)

If you are curious and want to test drive this slumber supplement, the company offers a free, two weeks supply bottle for $7.95. If you decide to take them up on this free offer, understand the company will also add in a two-month supply. If you do not call the company within 17 days of ordering your free bottle, the Relaxium company will charge your credit card $119.90.

This charge will continue automatically every 55 days until you cancel. If you cancel your subscription within 17 days, the company will let you keep one of the bottles they sent you. See below for how to cancel Relaxium auto-shipments.

If you order Relaxiuum on the official website, you first have to enter your phone number and email address before you can see how much it costs. For those who want to know how much Relaxium costs before committing, that is a problem. It's' also a problem for those who value their privacy and wonder what the company will do with your phone number and email address if you choose not to purchase the supplement.

Relaxium Ingredients

A bottle has 60 capsules. Taking the recommended two capsules a day of Relaxium Sleep has the following synergistic ingredients:

AmountPercent DV
Magnesium (magnesium oxide, citrate and glycinate100 mg25% DV
L-tryptophan500 mg
Valerest Proprietary Blend composed of:228.9 mg
1 Valerian root extract
2 Hops
Ashwagandha125 mg
GABA100 mg
Chamomile75 mg
Passionflower75 mg
Melatonin5 mg

The other ingredients are rice flowers and vegetable cellulose. Melatonin is the final ingredient listed. Melatonin has a long history of use in sleep aid supplements which may make some wonder if it is the main ingredient in Relaxium.

Relaxium Sleep is vegan and Non-GMO and contains no gluten, nuts, yeast, dairy, sugar, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, corn, barley, or artificial ingredients.

Where Can You Buy Relaxium?

The cost is about $35 online. You can purchase this sleep-improving supplement directly from the official company ( as well as on Amazon, and it may also be available in local stores such as Walmart, Bed Bath, and Beyond, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. The cost of Relaxium may vary, so shop around for the best price. The company may offer discounts and coupons too.

Video Review

If you prefer, watch it on my Youtube channel

What Is Valerest?

Valerest is the name of the proprietary blend in this sleep aid supplement and is a registered trademark owned by the Relaxium company – American Behavioral Research Institute. Valerest is said to induce sleep safely and naturally and is composed of two ingredients: valerian root extract (Valerina Officinalis) and hops (Humulus lupulus). Valerian extract is listed first, making up most of the 228.9 mg of the Valerest propriety blend.

Valerest Clinical Study

The company states Valerest's effectiveness is backed by a university clinical study where it was compared to melatonin and a popular pharmaceutical drug. The company's results showed Valerest “significantly improved the quality of life through better sleep.” While this is encouraging, there are several problems, such as:

  1. Where is the full Valerest university study published? It can't be located.
  2. Was the study peer-reviewed? They don't tell us.
  3. What university conducted the study? It's not listed.
  4. How long did the study last? They don't say.
  5. How many people were in the study? They don't tell us.
  6. Did the study contain both men and women? Unknown.
  7. What was the dosage of Valerest used? The amount is not listed.
  8. How much melatonin was used? They don't tell us.
  9. Did Valerest induce sleep better than melatonin? They don't say.
  10. What was the pharmaceutical drug? It's not mentioned.
  11. Did Valerest perform better than the prescription drug? They don't mention that either.

Without seeing the actual university study, we cannot know how well Valerest performed. Another question is if Valerest performed so well, why does Relaxium Sleep also contain melatonin and other ingredients?

Relaxium Sleep Research

To prove the supplement really works, the company supported a clinical study. Here, it was stated that people taking Relaxium Sleep:

  • Fell asleep 140% faster
  • Slept longer by 266%
  • Woke up alert and refreshed 69% better
  • Showed 80% better concentration
  • Nobody in the study had any side effects

The title of the Relaxium clinical trial is A Study to Evaluate the Effects of Relaxium in Subjects with Sleep Disorders, and it involved 35 men and women with insomnia. The study lasted 2 weeks and was published in the Journal of Insomnia and Sleep Disorders (vol 1 issue 1).

During the first week, people took 2 placebo capsules before bed, and in the second week they took 2 Relaxium capsules each night at bedtime. The people kept sleep diaries and underwent before and after sleep tests. Sleep quality and duration were measured using a Fit Bit Inspire fitness tracker.

Relaxium Clinical Study Results

Compared to the placebo, people rated Relaxium Sleep significantly better at:

  • improving the quality of their sleep
  • making it easier to fall asleep
  • having improved daytime concentration

The results sound impressive. However, problems include:

  1. It was a small investigation containing only 35 people
  2. Difficulties were reported using the Fit Bit tracker, which may have impacted sleep quality results

Thus, this study should be duplicated.

Does Ashwagandha Help Sleep?

Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), one of the ingredients in Relaxium Sleep is an adaptogenic herb touted to do many things including helping improve the quality of your sleep. Does it work? Here's a quick video on the ashwagandha-sleep research.

Watch on my Youtube channel if you prefer

Who Makes Relaxium?

If you are wondering where Relaxium Sleep is made, the American Behavioral Research Institute LLC is the company that makes the supplement. This company also owns the trademark too. The company address listed with the Better Business Bureau is 17839 Monte Vista Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33496-1057. This appears to be a residential address, opening the possibility the supplement is manufactured elsewhere.

The CEO of the American Behavioral Research Institute is Timea Cilberti. Dr. Eric Ciliberti MD, a Boca Ratan Florida-based ophthalmologist/ neurologist and is credited with being the creator of Relaxium. Dr. Cileberti is also the medical director of the company.

Better Business Bureau Review

The Better Business Bureau gives the American Behavioral Research Institute a rating of D with 1.8 out of 5 stars. The company is not BBB accredited but has been in business since 2009. The BBB reports over 300 complaints about the company, some of which mention the Mike Huckabee TV commercial. Many Relaxium complaints revolve around problems with selling and advertising the supplement and credit card.

To be fair, the company responds to customer complaints made on the BBB website and works with unsatisfied customers. The company has also stated that it has implemented a streamlined ordering process to add more straight talk and reduce confusion when people make a purchase. See the BBB file for more information.

Is It Made in America?

The TV commercial featuring Mike Huckabee claims Relaxium is made in the USA. When contacted, the company stated all of the ingredients were sourced from within the United States.

Celebrity Endorsem*nts

The Relaxium website sports an assortment of actors and celebrities in addition to Mike Huckabee. They include:

  • Dee Wallace
  • Celeste Thorsen
  • Sofia Milos
  • Patrikia Darbo
  • Moronai Kanekoa
  • Kikki Soohoo
  • Traci Lynn Cowan

It is unknown if these are paid endorsem*nts or actual, non-remunerated happy customers.

See the Relief Factor review for a list of celebrities who endorse that supplement.

Negative Customer Complaints

The supplement had over 5000 ratings on Amazon, giving it a 3.5 out of 5-star ranking. While a good number of people reported Relaxium Sleep was not a hoax and did indeed improve their ability to fall asleep, some said otherwise. Complaints and side effects from unsatisfied customers included:

  • expensive
  • doesn't work
  • not better than melatonin
  • worked sometimes. On other nights it did not work.
  • drowsy the next day
  • caused nightmares
  • caused hives

Like any popular supplement, results will vary from person to person. See the Amazon listing for more customer reviews.

Relaxium Contact Phone Number

To contact the customer service department call the phone number, call 888-353-1205.

  • M-F 8 AM to 9 PM EST
  • Sat 10 AM to 7 PM EST
  • Sun 1 PM to 4 PM EST

You can also email customer support at:

Money-Back Guarantee, Refunds & How To Return

If you ordered a free bottle, the company also sent you a two-month supply. If Relaxium Sleep did not work well for you, you have 17 days to call the company and cancel your subscription, or they will charge your credit card $190.90.

Relaxium comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to request a refund. The 30 days begin when the supplements are delivered to your home. That's good because the company gives you a full month to test drive the supplement.

If you purchased this insomnia supplement at local stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walmart, return it to the store you purchased it from with your receipt. If you purchased your supplements from the company's official website and want a refund, here are the instructions on how to get your money back:

Call Relaxium customer service at 888-353-1205 and give the rep:

  1. your name
  2. the email you used to order the supplement
  3. your order number

Request a return authorization number (RMA number). This is very important. Returned packages that do not include an RMA number will not be accepted.

Return the sleep supplements you purchased to this address:

10701 Abercorn St.
Unit 61553 Savannah, GA 31419

If you ordered multiple bottles, the company only issues full refunds on 1 opened bottle so do not open all bottles you purchased. The company requests that you insure your return in the remote chance it becomes lost in the mail or damaged. Your money will be returned to you within 5 business days of the company receiving your returned items.

Relaxium Side Effects & Contraindications

No side effects were reported in the Relaxium Sleep clinical study. If you are going to try this insomnia supplement and want to ensure you have the best results with the most safety and have minimized side effects and possible drug interactions, here are some points to consider.

  • Start by taking less than recommended for the first week. This might reduce GI upset and diarrhea if they occur.
  • Speak to your doctor and pharmacist if you take any prescription medications such as blood thinners like warfarin (coumadin), blood sugar medications like metformin, and high blood pressure medicines like beta-blockers.
  • There's little proof Relaxium Sleep helps sleep apnea.
  • In theory, the ingredients may be inappropriate for those with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Some animal research suggests ashwagandha may not be safe during pregnancy. If breastfeeding, ask your doctor if its safe.
  • Passion flower may not be safe during pregnancy.
  • Stop taking Relaxium at least 2 weeks before surgery unless your doctor says otherwise.
  • Avoid combing with alcohol. If Relaxium Sleep really works, its sedative effects may enhance the tranquilizing effects of alcoholic beverages.
  • Don't combine with prescription sleeping pills like Ambien or, over-the-counter sleeping pills or dietary supplements.
  • Ashwagandha may lower blood sugar levels and/or interact with diabetes medications.
  • There is some evidence ashwagandha may raise thyroid hormones and reduce TSH levels.
  • While rare, melatonin might be associated with heart palpitations in those with heart problems such as irregular heart rhythms.

Relaxium and The FDA

No FDA warning letters to the company were discovered. Likewise, no warning letters from the Federal Trade Commission (FCC) were found either. This is good as it implies that the company is complying with federal dietary supplement guidelines.

Relaxium Sleep vs. Relaxium Calm

Here are the ingredients in the sleep and calm supplements side-by-side:

Relaxium Sleep 2 capsulesRelaxium Calm 2 capsules
Magnesium 100 mgVitamin C 60 mg
L-tryptophan 500 mgVitamin D3 600 IU
Valerest Proprietary 228.9 mg Blend composed of:Thiamine 1.5 mg
1 Valerian root extractVitamin B6 2 mg
2 HopsFolic acid 400 mcg
AshwagandhaVitamin B5 10 mg
GABAMagnesium 75 mg
ChamomileZinc 10 mg
PassionflowerSelenium 35 mcg
MelatoninChromium 60 mcg
GABA 300 mg
Passion Flower 180 mg
Sensoril ashwagandha 125 mg
5-HTP 550 mg

It is not known if Relaxium Calm works better or if the Sleep and Calm supplements work better together.

Relaxium Max Focus Ingredients

The Max Focus supplement contains several different ingredients than the Relaxium Sleep. Most notable is caffeine, which is the first ingredient listed for the proprietary blend. Caffeine makes up most of the 550 mg blend of ingredients. Do not take Max Focus close to bedtime or it may keep you awake. Caffeine as well as both bacopa monnieri and huperzine A have some memory and focus research. Speak to your doctor and pharmacist if you take any medications.

AmountPercent Daily Value
Niacin (vitamin B3)30 mg150%
Vitamin B65 mg250%
Proprietary Blend Composed of550 mg
1 Caffeine
4 Bacopa monnieri
4 Alpha GPC
5 L-Theanine
6 Phosphatidylserine
7 L-Tyrosine
8 Huperzine-A

Can Vitamin B6 Reduce Anxiety?

Watch on my Youtube channel if you prefer

Relaxium Sleep Pros & Cons

These are my opinions. Yours may be different.

Ingredients make senseExpensive
At least one study existsPoor BBB rating
Company responds to BBB complaintsProprietary blend
Auto shipments
Only 30-day money-back guarantee and 17 days to cancel auto-shipments if ordering the free sample

What Do I Suggest?

Relaxium Sleep: Fact or Fiction? (2)

Of all the ingredients in Relaxium the two that caught my attention the most are melatonin and ashwagandha. If you're looking to save money, consider one of these by itself to see how it works for you. Here are two brands I like:



Does Relaxium Sleep Really Work?

The ingredients make sense for a sleep, insomnia, and anti-anxiety supplement. It is also good the company has sponsored a clinical trial that appears to show it works, although I'd like to see how effective it is compared to taking just melatonin. While I'm sure it will work for many people, with respect to Mike Huckabee's TV commercial claims, I wonder if Relaxium Sleep may be an expensive melatonin supplement.

Check out what customers are saying.

What Do You Think?

Relaxium Sleep: Fact or Fiction? (2024)
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