Soak Fruit For Christmas Cake (2023)

1. How to Soak Fruits for Christmas Cake - Cooking From Heart

  • Key Ingredients · Tips & Important Notes for...

  • Learn how to soak fruits for Christmas Cake recipe with detailed step by step pictures. Soaking dry fruits for rich fruit cake and plum cake, a simple recipe that’s quite handy with substitutions and variations!

2. Soaking Fruits For Christmas Cake - Aromatic Essence

  • Nov 24, 2022 · With alcohol: I suggest soaking the fruits for a minimum of 2 to 3 months in advance. Of course, the longer the better! You can soak the fruits ...

  • Soaking fruits for Christmas Cake is the first step to making the traditional Christmas Fruitcake. Learn how to soak dry fruits for fruitcakes.

3. How to Soak Fruits for Christmas Cake +Video! - Ruchik Randhap

  • Nov 18, 2020 · Soaking fruits for a Christmas cake is very simple. All you need is a few dry fruits, some alcohol and some spices and you can macerate them ...

  • Soaking fruits for a Christmas cake is very simple. All you need is a few dry fruits, some alcohol and some spices and you can macerate them for anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months or even 1 year before baking your wonderful Christmas cake!

4. Soaking Dried Fruit for cake - WhiskAffair

  • Dec 19, 2019 · Soaking dried fruit for Cake is best done 6-7 weeks prior to making the cake. But even if you late; fret not! soak them just for a few days ...

  • Soaking dried fruit for Cake is best done 6-7 weeks prior to making the cake. Learn how to soak fruits at home to make the best christmas fruit cake. 

5. How to Soak Fruit for Christmas Cake - The Seasoned Skillet

  • Sep 25, 2022 · The best rum for soaking fruit for christmas cake or black/fruit cake is dark or white rum in combination with sweet fruit or dessert wine.

  • This easy guide on How to Soak Fruit for Christmas Cake is a simple recipe that shows how to prepare the rum soaked fruit in alcohol for Jamaican black rum cake or fruit cake.

6. How To Soak Fruits for Christmas Cake: A Quick Guide

  • Tightly seal the jar and give it a shake to make sure all of the fruit is coated with liquid. Then, store the jar in a cool, dark place for at least 24 hours.

  • One of the best things about Christmas is the delicious food. There's nothing quite like the smell of a freshly baked Christmas cake wafting through the house. If you're making a fruit cake this year, you'll need to soak your fruit before adding it to the cake mix. Here's a quick guide on how to soak fruits for Christmas cake.

7. Why Soak Your Fruit For Weeks For a Christmas Cake - FoodCrumbles

  • Jan 5, 2023 · This reason may seem obvious, but soaking fruits adds moisture to a cake. And, it also helps to control the consistency of the cake. Dried ...

  • Soaking fruits for chirstmas cake for a (long) period of time ensures they turn soft and plump. But also impacts the overall flavor profile of your cake!

8. Soaking Dried Fruit 101 - Annika Eats

  • Ideally you let the fruits soak up the liquid at least 24 hours before using it in any recipe. This can stay for years if stored well so be mindful and know ...

  • How to soak fruits for your Christmas Cake? What kind of fruits to use? How long should you soak them for? This recipe will help you prepare for your Christmas Cake, all you need is a few ingredients.

9. Soaking Fruits for Jamaican Black Fruit Cake - A YouNique Journey

  • Dec 9, 2020 · In a large jar with lid, add all the fruits and mix together with a large spoon. Pour the white rum and red label wine over the fruits to cover ...

  • Soaking Fruits for Jamaican Fruit Cake other wise known as Jamaican Christmas Cake or Jamaican Black Cake is putting some fruits in a jar with some rum for up to a year. Jamaican Fruit Cake

10. Christmas Cake - moist, easy fruit cake - RecipeTin Eats

  • The fruit is soaked in either apple juice OR a combination of apple juice and brandy (for those who like boozy Christmas Cake). What goes in Christmas Cake. Use ...

  • Speedy Christmas Cake that requires no overnight fruit soaking! An easy fruit cake that's rich with a velvety texture, super moist and full flavoured.

11. How To Soak Dry Fruits For Christmas Cake - At My Kitchen

  • Dec 12, 2021 · One can soak the dry fruits 2-3 days ahead of Christmas. For a non-alcoholic christmas cake, soak the dried fruits in orange juice, grape juice ...

  • Soaking Dry Fruits For Christmas Cake Soaking dry fruits for Christmas cake is the first step to make the traditional and authentic rich christmas fruit cake. Soaking fruits adds an amazing flavor, richness and moisture to the fruit cake. Soaking dry fruits for all your Christmas and Holiday bakes is…

12. How to Soak Fruit For Christmas Cake - That Girl Cooks Healthy

  • 8 hours ago · The concept of soaking fruit ... A medley of dried fruit (prunes, cherries, cranberries, raisins, sultanas, mixed peel, currants, dates) are added ...

  • Learn how to soak a medley of dried fruit using my non alcoholic method for your Caribbean rum cake or black cake during the holiday season.

13. How to Soak Dried Fruits for Christmas

  • Dec 8, 2022 · How to make Soak Dried Fruits for Christmas · Take all dried fruits and nuts in a bowl. · Pour over wine or rum and mix well. · Store this in a air ...

  • How to Soak Dried Fruits for Christmas with step by step pictures. This is the proper way to soak dried fruits for making fruit cake.

14. World's Best Fruit Cake (Moist Fruit Cake Recipe) A Beautiful Plate

  • Dec 2, 2019 · Note: I recommend soaking the fruit for a minimum of 12 hours or as long as 24 hours.

  • A traditional moist fruit cake made with rum soaked dried fruit, citrus zest, and candied ginger. The best fruit cake recipe you’ll ever make!


How long should I soak my fruit for a Christmas cake? ›

Store for a minimum of a week or two and it is best to soak fruits for 4-6 weeks before baking the cake.

How long should I soak fruit in alcohol? ›

3 Answers
  1. If you aim for alcohol-infused fruit, you should be fine with a short time. ...
  2. A good middle ground is usually reached after two (soft fruit) to eight (harder fruit) weeks. ...
  3. For flavoring alcohol you want to soak for a minimum of six weeks, but here often longer is better.
Mar 2, 2015

How long should you soak dried fruit? ›

Ideally you let the fruits soak up the liquid at least 24 hours before using it in any recipe. This can stay for years if stored well so be mindful and know that the effort it takes to make this is a one time affair. You can use it in many recipes once the fruit has soaked up all the lovely juices.

Can you oversoak fruit? ›

It sounds like a good idea, but think about what happens; if you do this, the fruit doesn't have time to soak up the fruit during the baking, and the batter ends up being too wet. So? you'll end up with a gluey texture, and we don't want that. This can also happen if you have oversoaked your fruit before baking.

How do you speed up soaking fruit? ›

  1. Place the measured dried fruit or raisins, golden raisins, and cranberries in a plastic resealable bag. ...
  2. Heat the fruit (with the liquid) in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. ...
  3. Then, drain the fruit, reserving the remaining liquid for the recipe, as flavoring.

Does fruit soaked in alcohol need to be refrigerated? ›

After steeping, strain the mixture using several layers of cheesecloth. Once removed from the alcohol, store the “drunken fruit” in the refrigerator and use within a few days as a dessert topping, addition to tea bread, or addition to a dessert sauce.

What alcohol is best for soaking fruit for Christmas cake? ›

What alcohol should you use? Strong, flavourful spirits with a high ABV are ideal for feeding fruitcakes. You can use rum, brandy or whisky for spice, or if you like citrus flavours, try an orange liqueur. Cherry brandy and amaretto will also work well if you prefer these.

What is the best liquor to soak fruitcake in? ›

Evenly pour 1.5 - 2 ounces of your favorite bourbon, rum, brandy, or cognac, over the fruitcake.

When should I start making Christmas cake? ›

Some say you should make your Christmas cake 6 weeks before eating, but the advice given on is that 12 weeks before is the optimum time to get baking. Your Christmas cake should be fed every 4 to 6 weeks but in the meantime, after baking, it should be stored away in a secure, air tight container.

Is it necessary to soak dry fruits overnight? ›

We need to soften the phytates and oxalates which are present in nuts outer layer avoiding nutrients like B- Vitamins for us to be able to easily absorb them easily. Soaking helps to suppress these phytates and makes the nuts easier for digestion. Proteins in the nuts get partially digested as well because of soaking.

How do you know when dried fruit is done? ›

Dehydrated fruits should be leathery and pliable. Test for the perfect dryness by removing a few pieces from the dehydrator, cooling to room temperature, and squeezing between your fingers. If no moisture forms on your hand or the fruit and the pieces spring apart when released, they are dry!

How do you soften fruit for fruitcake? ›

Tips for baking a perfect fruitcake. Always soak the fruit, at least overnight if not for longer t it will soften and make the cake moist. Soaking the fruits means that the fruit will not absorb any more moisture from the cake batter and will cook in its own juices. This results in a very flavorful moist cake.

Do you soak fruit in hot or cold water? ›

Always use cool, drinkable water to wash fruits and vegetables. With the recent foodborne outbreaks related to produce, consumers, more than ever, have heightened concerns over the safety of fresh produce. Therefore, it is essential to know how to prevent foodborne illnesses related to these foods.

What is the best soak for fruit? ›

Soak in salt water

One of the best ways to wash fruits and vegetables to help avoid bugs and pesticides is by soaking them in salt water. We recommend using Himalayan salt or sea salt and soaking your produce for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off with running water. Then they're clean and ready to eat!

What do you soak Christmas fruit in? ›

The amount of alcohol you soak fruit in for Christmas cake depends on your personal preference. If you want a strong alcohol flavor, soak the fruit in a cup of brandy or rum. If you prefer a milder flavor, soak the fruit in a cup of orange juice or apple cider.

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