The Best of the Best: The 29 Top DIY and Craft Shops in the UK (2024)

If you are a dab hand at sewing or clever clogs with cakes our jam-packed list of the best Craft Shops in the UK is perfect for finding those all important bits and pieces and trustworthy toolsto make your wedding DIYs a breeze.Whether you are looking for yards of fabric or simply a length of vintage ribbon to beautify your bouquet, we have you covered.

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From trimmings and fabric to buttons and the best shears, here are the best fabric shops and haberdasheries around the UK...

1. Liberty

Housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in London is the Liberty London haberdashery department, an absolute treasure trove of Liberty print fabrics and exquisite embellishments.

2. The Cloth House

The Cloth House located in the Soho fabric district of London isa mecca for fabric lovers of all kinds.From stunning fabrics to hand-picked haberdashery such as velvet ribbons, embellished Indian sari trims and vintage buttons.

3. VV Rouleaux

Stocking the most impressive selection of beautiful ribbons, trimmings, braids, feathers and flowers I have ever seen,VV Rouleaux is the most perfectpassem*nterie boutique.

  • Website: | Location: 102 Marylebone Lane,London (also stocked at Liberty and John Lewis)

4. The Button Queen

A button lovers heaven, The Button Queen is chock full of every type of button you can imagine. It is also the onlyshop exclusively for modern and antique buttons in London.

5. MacCulloch & Wallis Haberdashery

Based in the fashion heart of London, MacCulloch & Wallis arerenowned for their selection of internationallysourced trimmings, ribbons, lace and buttonsand sewing notions as well as their dedicated bridal range.

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6. Loop London

If it's wool or knitting inspirationyou're after, Loop London should be on your list. This super cute store is filled with superknitting and crochet patternsas well as a beautiful selection ofyarns sourced from all over the world.

  • Website: |Location:15 Camden Passage, Islington, London, N1 8EA.

7. John Lewis Oxford Street

Although based in a department store, John Lewis' fabric and haberdashery department has quite an impressive selection of fabrics and craft supplies.You can also find workshops at this store, covering all sorts of projects from dressmaking to embroidery.

Website:| Location:Oxford Street, London

8. Rolls and Rems

Rolls and Rems has two London stores stocking a variety of fabric types and patterns and there is always a pile of sale fabric as soon as you walk in perfect for DIY projects.

9. Joel and Sons

If it's beautiful dress-making fabric you need, Joel and Sons should be your first port of call. The store has been standing strong for four generations and boasts a royal warrant.Always developing and stocking the most up to date and in vogue fabrics, it is not the most budget friendly of the fabric stores but it is sure worth a visit.

10. The Silk Society

The Silk Society offers a stunning fabric selection including an exclusive bridal range and the highest quality silks.

11. Ray Stitch

The Ray Stitchshop in Islingtonoperates over two floors chock full ofcarefully selected fabrics, accessories, seductive buttons, ribbons and trimsand also incorporates a sewing school downstairs.

Crafty Shopping Tip:If you are stuck for time, MacCulloch & Wallis, John Lewis, Liberty, VV Rouleaux, The Button Queen and the fabric shops of Soho are all within a 15-minute radius of Oxford Circus.

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Arts and Crafts

All the arty, crafty bits and bobs you need for the ultimate wedding DIY projects...

12. Hobbycraft

Hobbycraft is a large chain of art and craft stores located all over the UK stocking everything from paints to paper, glue guns to glitter and everything in between. Hobbycraft offers great value bridal bundles where you can bulk buy DIY and decor items for your big day such as hanging fabric hearts and jam jars.

13. The Range

Whatever your craft, The Range stock a wide selection of arts and crafts supplies from easels and canvases, to pencils and PVA, there is everything an expert or novice could possibly need.

14. Shepherds London

No matter what type of paper you're after from watercolour or pearl to vintage and Origami, paper expertsShepherds London can fulfil all your paper needs.

15. Creative Beadcraft

If you need beads of any shape or size a visit toCreative Beadcraft is a must. One of my favourite crating shops in London, the choice of beads here is breathtaking. Beads are available singly or in bulk.Creative Beadcraft also offervery friendly and informal workshops and cover a range of techniques from beginner to intermediate.

16. Cass Art

Cass Artcomes highly recommended for their high quality art and craft supplies. Fromgood-quality scissors to glue and cutting mats and cards, you'll find them all at Cass Art.

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17. Fred Aldous

One of the coolest arts and crafts shops in the UK has to beFred Aldous. Around for128 years, Fred Aldous has been helping people make things for over a century although you wouldn't think it has been around for so long from this uber hip store.

18. Atlantis Art

Atlantis Art Materials is the UK's Largest art and craft materials store and an icon of London's East End.

19. Fielders

An Aladdin's Cave for artists and crafters, Fielders in Wimbledon stocks just about anything you need for your next DIY project.

20. Drink Shop & Do

Drink Shop & Do is a seriously fun craft shop and cafe by day and abar and craft workshop hub by night.

21. Paperchase

Paperchase is an international chain of stationery stores filed to the brim with stylish paper items such as invites, envelopes and packaging, party supplies as well as a selection ofquality art and craft materials. Paperchase alsohave a dedicated wedding section with lots of pretty paper bunting and little goodies for making your own favours.

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The best baking supply shops to find everything you need to create and decorate cakes...

22. Peggy Porschen Parlour

If you are crazy for cakes, a visit to the Peggy Porschen Cake Parlour is a must. Not the most extensive selection of baking supplies but this London store does stock the Peggy Porschen brand of stencils, bakeware, sugarcraft tools and books as well as beautiful cake stands.

23. The Cake Decorating Company Co.

The Cake Decorating Co. are the UK's largest supplier of cake decorating suppliesand pretty cake packaging. They also offer awide range of courses to suit all levels from beginner to advanced.

24. Cake Craft Shop

Cake Craft Shop is aone-stop shop for all your cake decorating supplies with a huge selection of cake decorations, cake making equipment, cupcake cases, boxes and packaging.

25. Windsor Cake Craft

From marzipan to macaroon mix and everything in between, Windsor Cake Craft is a treasure trove of baking supplies. AtWindsor Cake Craft youcan also buy ready madecakes that you can decorate to your heart's content.

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26. Squires Kitchen Shop

Squires Kitchen Shop pride themselves on stocking only the finest products from leading manufacturers as well as their renowned own brand goodies. The super helpful staff in the Surrey flagship store receive comprehensive training from expert tutors atSquires Kitchen International Schoolto ensure they can help you with any questions you may have.

27. Lakeland

Lakeland offers a great collection of creative kitchenware and baking supplies, from everyday utensils and preserving basics, to never-seen-before cookware.

28. The Sugar Shack

The Sugar Shack showroomhouses a wonderful array ofcake decorating products needed for all thebudding cake enthusiasts up to theprofessional baker.

29. Surbiton Sugarcraft

Surbiton Sugarcraft stocks over5000 sugarcraft and cake decorating products from all the top brands such as Renshaw, Claire Bowman Lace and PME, everything you need to complete your project.

So, there you have it! The cream of the crop when it comes tocraft shops in the UK. If you have any other recommendations please do let us know and we will be sure to add them to the list. From free printables to gorgeous glittery cake toppers, make sure to check out all of ourDIY Wedding Ideas...

The Best of the Best: The 29 Top DIY and Craft Shops in the UK (2024)


The Best of the Best: The 29 Top DIY and Craft Shops in the UK? ›

Hobbycraft is an arts and crafts superstore retail chain in the United Kingdom. It is currently owned by investment group Bridgepoint.

What is the UK equivalent of Hobby Lobby? ›

Hobbycraft is an arts and crafts superstore retail chain in the United Kingdom. It is currently owned by investment group Bridgepoint.

Which is the biggest hobbycraft store in UK? ›

The shop - the size of five tennis courts - is at Nottingham's Broadmarsh Centre.

Where is the best place to sell craft supplies? ›

If social media isn't your thing, Etsy and eBay are popular digital marketplaces. Etsy specializes in handmade goods, vintage items, and crafting supplies. "Craft destash" is a popular keyword for extra craft supplies people sell at heavily discounted prices.

What is the UK version of Home Depot? ›

B&Q (short for Block & Quayle after the company's two founders) is a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, with headquarters in Eastleigh, England. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingfisher plc. It was founded in March, 1969 by Richard Block and David Quayle.

What is the British version of target? ›

UK equivalent of Target includes:

John Lewis – Covers all the departments Target has to offer but at Nordstrom prices. Marks & Spencer – Offers high-end food (particularly for entertaining) at higher prices and high-quality clothes at reasonable prices. See my favorite items in Top 12: What To Buy At Marks & Spencer.

What is the most sold craft? ›

If you check any popular handmade marketplace, you'll consistently find jewelry among the most popular handmade items. There are so many things that make custom jewelry appealing to both sellers and buyers.

What handmade craft sells best? ›

Top Handmade Things to Sell for Profit
#ItemPotential Marketplaces
1Handmade JewelryOnline and local marketplaces
2SoapOnline stores, craft fairs
3T-shirtsOnline marketplaces, local events
4Subscription BoxesOnline
16 more rows
Jun 6, 2023

What craft sells best online? ›

50 Things to Make and Sell Online
  1. Necklaces. Handmade jewelry is a great product to make and sell from home. ...
  2. Earrings. Earrings are one of the simplest crafts to make and sell. ...
  3. Friendship Bracelets. ...
  4. Canvas Paintings. ...
  5. Art Prints. ...
  6. Coloring Books. ...
  7. Pillowcases. ...
  8. Candles.
Aug 7, 2023

What is the UK version of Michaels? ›

There are a few different craft stores in the UK, but I'm going to suggest what is, in my mind, the closest thing to Michaels: Hobbycraft. The name sort of says it all, in that it's a craft store for hobbyists.

What is the UK version of Walmart? ›

Well, Walmart owns a chain of stores in the UK called ASDA. ASDA is Britain's second largest supermarket, and while it started as its own brand back in 1965, the International Walmart Corporation acquired it in 1999. So it's the closest thing you're going to get to Walmart without actually visiting one!

What is the UK equivalent of Kmart? ›

Asda is owned by the parent company of Walmart and is the closest thing that the UK has to a big box store like Walmart or Kmart. So close, in fact, that if you close your eyes in a really big Asda, it can feel just like you're in America with all of the stuff at your fingertips.

What is the UK version of Best Buy? ›

Perhaps the best alternative to Best Buy in terms of matching it exactly would be Currys PC World, also known as Currys. These are physical, walk-in stores filled with electronics including computers, printers, phones, televisions and tablets. They also specialize in home technology like fridges and washing machines.

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