Turning a $20 Grocery Store Cake into a $500 Wedding Cake! (2023)


Turning THIS into THAT! DIY Wedding cake out of a store bought cake!
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This week I am tackling the impossible, by turning this into that featuring me turing a store bough grocery store cake into a elegant modern trendy wedding cake. The grocery store cake was iced in whipped buttercream icing and I am going to use that frosting to ice the bridal cake. This DIY wedding cake was so easy to make. I will show you how to create a two tiered cake iced in pink and navy bule icing and covered in gold leaf, and fresh roses and orchid flowers. Let's do this!

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Don't really have a plan as to how I'm going to turn a sheet cake into wedding cake.

But I thought it would be a fun crazy idea.

I accidentally dropped this one on the floor when I went to buy it at the grocery store, and they were like, oh, no.

No don't worry.


Get you a new one? I was like, no, no it's.


They were very confused as to why it was okay that I had an all damaged and smudged birthday cake.

But I figure I'm gonna scrape off the icing anyway.

So why throw it out? My goal is at the end of this to have a really stunning wedding cake like an expensive wedding cake.

Oh, it's, all yellow there's like barely any white.

Oh, my god, I don't know, if we're gonna be able to use much of this icing because it's all colored.

I might have to just use extra white icing.

But I was thinking wedding cakes are like the most extravagant cake there is like if you're gonna like they always are the most expensive the most extravagant.

I thought, what is the least extravagant and that's like a slab birthday cake at a grocery store? So can you take one and turn it into the other? So this is the only bit of white icing.

The rest is colored, which I'm surprised.

I thought there was only like a little bit of colored icing in these things.

Apparently a lot of it is, and I don't know who leveled these cakes because like look at this corner, look at how much lower it is from this corner.

My thought is I'm gonna try to cut out six inch rounds and eight inch rounds.

If I can get that out of it.

This is supposed to be a nine by 13.

This is eight inches.

So clearly that's not nine inches.

I was hoping that I can get that out of it corner to corner.

But I can't, this is definitely becoming a bigger challenge.

But you know what it's? Okay, I'm not afraid of a little bit of a challenge.

It's gonna be fine.

Okay, that works definitely a lot smaller than I wanted it to go.

But hey, maybe this is better because before if I cut it out of the corner, I'd have these droopy cornered edges because all of their edges are very droopy.

Whereas this it's gonna be a lot straighter.

I don't have that much experience making wedding cakes.

I've made a few.

I know a little bit about making wedding cakes.

But like this is probably the third wedding cake I've ever made.

Oh no.

No stop it.

Stop it.

And sure that one doesn't do it hopefully I'm cutting straight.

I feel like I was going on an angle there.

Oh, my god it's gonna be the worst.

If I go to stack these and they're like the cake scraps I'm thinking about making like little parfaits with them, I feel like this is a craft project.

But with cake can you feed me, I don't want to get my hands.

No I'm, not going to feed you.

But I don't want to get my hands sticky.

Oh, no.

You got to come in frame.

This is not my job.

They take a bite.

They go there.

You go I'm trying to make a cake.

Why is this the only tier where it ripped off? I got that cake and that cake to make a tear.

And then I've got this cake.

And this cake I've got this small cake board, because when you tear cake, you need to have the structure in it.

So that way it doesn't fall apart and get all droopy on you.

So I'm gonna put this one on here.

So I can start crumb coating it and fill it on this one.

Because in between these two layers, I want to do like a really yummy filling in each cake, that's gonna have a different flavor and I'll decorate this one on its final cake board, I'm gonna use a big one because it's gonna be easier when I go to smooth out the cake, even though it seems like super large and extra and to make sure the fillings don't squeeze out of it.

I've got all this extra icing.

I took off the cake that I can create this moat to kind of hold it.

All in I'm, just really hoping that these cakes don't slide around, because I got like a custard and strawberry filling like custard is very soft, almost like pudding.

So I can see it wanting to slide and the other layer I'm doing a lemon curd with fresh raspberries.

So both of them are going to be like slippery icing.

So everything's, just like not gonna wanna hold the structure, which typically you need a wedding cake too.

I really think that those flavors are gonna work and it's gonna add to the cake there's not much.

I could do with the flavors because obviously it's just like vanilla cake and vanilla icing.

But at least that's gonna add that like I don't know, I find like fresh fruit and cakes help amp up the flavors and then the cream and everything just because wedding cakes always have.

I don't know, I feel like more special special flavors than just vanilla I'm still using the icing that came with the cake, the ice cream off trying to crumb coat it trying to fill it trying to do as much as I can with that.

I was hoping I could ice this entire cake with that icing, but like they were mighty skimpy on that icing.

This no longer looks like a grocery store cake.

Right? We've got a pretty nice tall.

I like the height because like wedding cakes always have a height to them I'm.

So thankful that I awkwardly ask the cashier, if they sell extra icing on the side because they do.

And this whole tab was like 11 bucks, and I'd be completely screwed right now, because this would end up being a naked wedding cake, because I did not have enough icing, not at all enough to like fill it enough to crumb coat it.

But I need more to ice it.

So I'm gonna do the top tier this like kind of pink with like a little purple undertone to it.

And then the bottom tier I want to do like a dark navy game.

Dark colors is so hard you have to add so much food coloring.

So I'm gonna see how dark I can go really feeling these colors.

I think they're gonna look nice together.

I just didn't want to do well.

Actually now I did kevin didn't want to do the classic wedding color, which is just like white with flowers he's like that's, too easy.

Let's try to do like a trendy modern different wedding cake.

Yeah, like so boring it's, just like a classic wedding cake.

But it does make this more of like a dramatic difference from like the white slab cake so that's, what we're doing now I just need to try to like perfectly ice them before I tear them.

I haven't teared a cake in years.

I want to say years, I don't, remember the last time I tiered a cake.

I think I made a video of tearing a cake and that's, probably the last time I cheated, because I don't make tiered cakes.

My goal is just to ice the cake perfectly smooth or as smooth as I can get it without going crazy.

These are like bubble tea straws.

And this is what you can use to your cake.

You can also use dowels and I'm, not going to use a lot because the cake is really light.

So I think I'm only going to use three, and you just have to stick them down into the cake cut it level.

And now since that cake has a cake board underneath that that little silver one that I did once I've teared it.

The weight is going to be on the tea straws and on the cake board and not on the cake itself, not on this cake.

So it's, not gonna like collapse.


This is your fault.

This is your fault.

I was like see how unlevel this one is usually I cut all three at the same time, the same height, he's like yep, you've had problems getting level that way you usually cut them too sharp, but then they're all the same height.

I don't want to do this at all.

I hate tearing cakes for these reasons.

Usually when you do it's fondant, you can kind of if you put your hand on it, it's, no, big deal or even buttercream.

You put your hand on it.

You can kind of smooth it back out.

If I touch this, when I go to tear it, my whole hand, print is just gonna be smushed into the cake and it's gonna be impossible to repair I'm gonna drop it I'm gonna drop it.

Kevin, why am I so nervous? I feel like I've built it up.

I've built it up too much.

Kevin don't make noises.

Kevin it's, a little off-center.

I think I need to fix the centeredness of it, but like not bad who tears the cake with whipped icing.

This little envelope was 60 for gold leaf.

I've never worked with gold leaf before.

But I thought it would look stunning with this cake so we're going to figure this out together, because I have no idea how to work with it, but it's just super expensive.

I had no idea is that costly.

I think you just was like sticking on the cake.

I seen some people do it with like paint brushes.

I've seen other people just like, you know, they just kind of like dab it onto the cake, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab.

Maybe I should test this on just like buttercream on the table before I start like smashing against my cake, oh, see that kind of worked first time doing gold leaf and I'm already, a master I love it it's.

So pretty okay, I'm obsessed with the gold leaf.

And apparently there's like two dollars.

We like add it up there's about two dollars of the gold leaf on there, that's, not too bad.

And I bought the orchid.

And these roses to be able to do flowers on it I'm really sad that we're gonna chop the work it up.

And I feel like it's gonna be really pretty and then I'll just re-bloom with fresh flowers.

Any time that I've worked with them.

You have to be careful because obviously it's a plant and usually when they grow stuff like this, they use pesticides, and you don't want to just stick them right into the cake.

So what I've learned is you're supposed to snip them, nice and short and then cover it in this floral tape and that's going to help protect it it's, not that sticky, but it's like as you pinch it tight, it sticks to itself, see pretty.

And you just get to stick them into the cake so I'm going to do the rest of these, and then put them all onto the cake.

Hi there.

I just sent over a picture of a cake.

I wanted quoted, yep, it's that one.

Okay, awesome.

Thank you so much.

Appreciate it.



Four hundred fifty dollars.

My grocery store cake is worth four hundred and fifty dollars.

Oh god, it's so beautiful, please like and subscribe, because this was a lot of work.

And without further ado here's, the grocery store wedding cake.



How much wedding cake do I need for 100 guests? ›

It's pretty simple to work it out, basically don't cater to 20% of your guests when it comes to the cake. So, if you are having 100 guests, you will only need a wedding cake big enough for 80 . Think about it for a minute, most weddings area 4 course meal.

How much cake needed for 200 guests? ›

Wedding Cake Sizes Chart
Number Of GuestsTiersSize (Width of Tiers)
30-6028 in x 10 in
60-12036 in x 10 in x 14 in
120-20046 in x 8 in x 10 in x 12 in
200 or more58 in x 10 in x 12 in x 14 in x 16 in
1 more row
Oct 15, 2019

How much wedding cake for 30 guests? ›

Cake Tiers and Serving Sizes

The average 12" wedding cake serves 40-60 people. The 10" cake on top of that serves 30-40 people and the 8" cake on top of that serves 20-25 people. So a classic 3-tier cake with 12, 10, and 8 inch layers serves about 100 people.

How can I upgrade my store bought cake mix? ›

Here are six easy ways to upgrade a basic cake mix.
  1. Add an Extra Egg. If you only use one tip from this story, this one should be it. ...
  2. Add Milk, Coffee, or Soda. ...
  3. Use Butter Instead of Oil. ...
  4. Add Instant Pudding. ...
  5. Up the Flavor with an Extract or Citrus Zest. ...
  6. Top the Cake with Homemade Frosting.
Sep 19, 2022

How much cake do I need for a 150 person wedding? ›

Two and Three Tier Wedding Cake
6 & 8"serves 30 guests
6, 8 & 12"serves 100
6, 10 & 14"serves 130
6, 10 & 16"serves 150
8, 12 & 16"serves 190
3 more rows

How many tiers should a wedding cake have? ›

A traditional wedding cake has three tiers and each tier of a wedding cake has its own significance. Tradition has it that the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier for distributing after the event, and the top tier was saved.

How many cake tiers for 100 guests? ›

In general, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests. So, if you're having 150 or more, you'll likely need four or more tiers.

What Flavour wedding cake is best? ›

Top 10 Wedding Cake Flavours
  • Victoria Sponge.
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake. ...
  • Red Velvet. ...
  • Lemon Cake. ...
  • Rainbow Cake. ...
  • Coconut & Lime. ...
  • Carrott Cake. ...
  • Fruit Cake. A fruit cake usually filled with fruit cake with juicy raisins, sultanas, currants, apricots, cherries, dates and prunes soaked in brandy for several days before being slow cooked. ...

What are the tiers of wedding cake? ›

Traditionally, a wedding cake would have three tiers, with each tier of it having its own significance. The bottom tier would be for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier would be for distributing to guests after the event, and the top tier was saved.

How much is a sheet cake for 100 people? ›

Three Quarter Sheet: serves 60-75 people: $150. Full Sheet: serves 80-100 people: $185.

Why are wedding cakes so expensive? ›

A good rule of thumb is the more specialty the cake, the more expensive it's going to be. Think crazy, elaborate shapes, custom sugar flower detailing, fondant frosting—all of these are going to drive up the price because they are either more labor-intensive or require more expensive materials and ingredients, or both.

What size cake feeds 20 to 30 people? ›

9 inch round - 2 layer cake serves 20/25 people (3 layer 30/35 servings) 10 inch round - 2 layer cake serves 25/30 people (3 layer 40/45 servings) 12 inch round - 2 layer cake serves 35/40 people (3 layer 50/55 servings)

How many does a 2 tier wedding cake feed? ›

2 tier wedding cakes start at 6 pounds (30 servings) using a 6" tier on a 10" tier. 3 tier wedding cakes start at 10 pounds (50 servings) using 6", 9", & 12" tiers. 4 tier wedding cakes start at 18 pounds (75 servings) using 6", 8", 10", & 12" tiers.

Do bakeries use store bought cake mix? ›

You might be surprised to learn that many of the top bakeries use boxed cake mixes. They have definitely learned how to elevate boxed cake mix, for sure!

Is it cheaper to buy cake mix or make from scratch? ›

The box mix is about $1.50 cheaper and requires less effort, energy, and attention. And really, the flavor isn't that bad…just not that remarkable. Homemade cakes can sometimes be fussy, especially if you don't make them very often, but dang! It's hard to beat a homemade cake for flavor and texture!

What makes a cake attractive? ›

Frosting and Icing

The choice and application of frosting or icing can dramatically affect the appearance of a cake. Smooth, flawless finishes can give a cake a polished and elegant look, while textured finishes like ruffles or rosettes can add a touch of whimsy.

What is the average amount for a wedding cake? ›

While wedding cake prices do vary depending on the size and style of your cake, the average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. is around $500 with most couples spending between $300 to $700.

What size cake tiers go together? ›

For a sturdy base, tape two or three cake boards together. For best results, use boards that are at least 2 in. in diameter larger than the base cake layer. If your cake design includes a bottom border, or your cake is more than 2 tiers, an even larger diameter cake base makes moving the finished cake easier.

Are wedding cakes 2 or 3 layers? ›

A wedding cake is traditionally a round 3-tiered cake with a 10” wide cake tier on the bottom, an 8” wide cake tier in the middle, and a 6” wide cake tier on top. Generally, each tier is comprised of at least 3 layers of cake, but not always.

Do wedding cakes have fake tiers? ›

The main reason couples now choose to include dummy wedding cake tiers is for design and aesthetic reasons. Adding imitation layers gives you almost unlimited design possibilities, and you can really get elaborate without compromising the stability of the cake.

What is the top tier of a wedding cake for? ›

For some newlyweds, celebrating their first anniversary means eating a helping of their preserved wedding cake together. The cake-freezing ritual stems from a 19th-century convention in which partners saved the top tier for their first child's christening (with some believing it to be an omen of good luck).

What percentage of guests eat wedding cake? ›

Typically, you can estimate the number of servings needed by approximating that 75 to 85 percent of your guests will enjoy a piece of cake.

How much is a wedding cake for 200 guests? ›

Reviewing all the cakes found by the wedding cake calculator, for 200 guests we recommend a 5 tier wedding cake where the tiers are 14″, 12″, 10″ and 4″. The average price of such a cake will be between $800 and $850 for US in 2022.

How thick should wedding cake layers be? ›

The layers should be about 2 inches high each when baked off. You then fill between the two layers. Some cake decorators cut the layers and make 4 thinner layers. I don't recommend that, especially for a first time wedding cake.

What is the number one wedding cake? ›

Vanilla Cake

For most bakers, it's their top requested flavor, and that's all due to the versatility of this cake flavor and the possibilities for incorporating different fillings and frostings. Think of it as a delicious, blank canvas.

What is the #1 cake flavor? ›

Here are some of the most popular cake flavors: Red Velvet Cake. White Cake & Vanilla. Strawberry & Angel Food Cake.

Which icing is better for wedding cake? ›

Fondant: Fondant icing, on the other hand, is a traditional wedding favourite as it gives the cake a very smooth and polished appearance. Fondant is made from powdered sugar, corn syrup and water, melted together to form a thick paste.

How do you stack wedding cakes? ›

Place the bottom tier of the cake onto the cake drum. Top tip: Cake drums are normally about one inch thick to provide extra support for your wedding cake. Step 2. The remaining cake tiers should be placed on cake boards of corresponding sizes, eg: an 8" cake should be placed on an 8" board and so on.

How big is a 1 tier wedding cake? ›

A single-tiered cake is generally ordered in smaller sizes, between 6” to 8” for example, and has a fairly standard number of servings, which varies depending on the shape of the cake.

How many slices of cake do I need for a wedding? ›

A common calculation for wedding cake allows for one slice of bride's cake per guest and a half slice of groom's cake. So if you have 100 guests, you'd need 100 servings of bride's cake and 50 servings of groom's cake.

How many people can be served with a full sheet cake? ›

A full Sheet Cake Pan is 18 by 24 inches, which will usually serve 48 to 96 people. This is a fabulous event cake for charities and grand company celebrations.

How much should I charge for a full sheet cake? ›

1/2 Sheet-1 Layer25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings$38.99
1/2 Sheet-2 Layer40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings$75.99
Full Sheet-1 Layer50-60 Med. or 96 Small Servings$81.99
Full Sheet-2 Layer85-100 Med or 180 Small Servings$159.99
13 more rows

How many pieces of cake are in a full sheet cake? ›

Full Sheet Cake (90-96 Servings)

Who should pay for the wedding cake? ›

Traditionally the bride's family pays for the wedding cake at the Reception. On very rare occasions, the groom's family pay for the wedding reception cake. It is when the family wants to bring their own cake for the occasion.

Why do people use fake wedding cakes? ›

Dummy cakes are fake cakes, often made of styrofoam, which can be iced and decorated like real cakes. They're sometimes used at weddings to save on money or time — since most couples don't want to spend their wedding cutting dozens of slices for their guests.

Are you supposed to keep your wedding cake? ›

Over time, the tradition evolved, and the top tier of the wedding cake is generally saved to be eaten on your first wedding anniversary as a way to re-live the special event.

How many cakes do I need to feed 50 people? ›

If you are planning on making or buying a layered cake, you should realize that a single 12-inch cake will yield approximately 25 servings, while it will usually take about three 10-inch cakes for 50 people to each have a slice.

What size cake for 40 people? ›

12 inch cakes can be very generously served to 40 people with each slice measuring about 1 inch across the back. A standard fork is about one inch wide. Keep in mind that the thinner slice of a 12 inch cake is 6 inches long and 4 or 5 inches tall. Of course a large thin slice of cake can be unwieldy.

Should each tier of a wedding cake be the same height? ›

Each tier is around 5in tall, and the whole cake yields 100-110 generous servings. Couples expecting 150 guests often opt for a four tier cake, but with two dummy top tiers.

How big should wedding cake be? ›

The average 12" wedding cake serves 40-60 people. The 10" cake on top of that serves 30-40 people and the 8" cake on top of that serves 20-25 people. So a classic 3-tier cake with 12, 10, and 8 inch layers serves about 100 people. Narrower cakes will be smaller, more affordable, and serve fewer people.

What does a 2 tier cake look like? ›

A two tier cake means you need two cakes (composed of layers) in two different sizes. The standard size is usually a 6″ cake stacked on top of a 8″ cake and it feeds about 40-50 people depending on how big you cut the slices.

How do you make store bought cake mix taste like bakery? ›

Here are THE BEST Tricks On How To Make Box Cake Better!
  1. Use milk instead of water. ...
  2. Add extra eggs. ...
  3. Add sugar and flour to the dry mix. ...
  4. Use coffee instead of water for chocolate cakes. ...
  5. Sour Cream is perfect for adding moisture and rich flavor. ...
  6. Pudding adds moisture and flavor.
Jan 20, 2021

How to make a cake that taste store bought? ›

Add one to two teaspoons of a pure extract to make it taste like a from-scratch cake. Pure vanilla extract and pure almond extract are great options, but you could also try lemon extract or orange extract paired with fresh citrus zest.

How long do grocery store birthday cakes last? ›

A store bought cake will last up to 7 to 10 days whereas a homemade cake typically lasts about 5. However, there are lots of factors that can change that number based on ingredients. What is this? If the cake has fresh fruit, cream cheese topping or fruit filing, these can all contribute to the shelf life.

How do you remove icing from a store bought cake? ›

How to re-decorate a store bought cake 🤫!
  1. Scrape off original buttercream using a spatula. TIP: Make sure the cake is COLD. You can even pop the. cake in the freezer prior to scraping off the store's. buttercream.
  2. Smooth out old buttercream with a bench scraper.
  3. The leftover base icing/frosting left on the cake can.
Jan 6, 2022

Can I decorate a birthday cake the day before? ›

Yes, you can. It's best practice to decorate the cake as close to the day of serving as possible, but it will also store well in the fridge. If the icing or frosting has any perishable ingredients, we recommend storing the cake in the fridge to keep it as fresh as possible.

Do you tip cake baker for birthday? ›

While it may be tempting to tip your bakers when you have the chance, avoid doing so until you've fully appreciated (read: seen and tasted) your sweet treat. It's customary to only pay a tip after having received a product or service, since it's a bonus based on appreciation and exceeded expectations.

Do professional bakers use cake mix? ›

Do professional bakers use box cake mix? You might be surprised to learn that many of the top bakeries use boxed cake mixes. They have definitely learned how to elevate boxed cake mix, for sure!

Why add sour cream to boxed cake mix? ›

Sour cream adds moisture without thinning your batter the same way that a liquid would. That fact that sour cream delivers moisture without further thinning out a batter results in a cake with a very tender, very fine crumb.

Can I use sour cream instead of water in a cake mix? ›

How to use sour cream with boxed cake mix. The best way to use sour cream with a boxed cake mix is to use it to replace the other liquids in the recipe, like milk or water. You can add up to a cup, or essentially the same amount of liquid you were originally meant to add, per the manufacturer's instructions.

Why do store bought cakes taste different? ›

Store bought cakes have many ingredients you wouldn't normally find in a homemade cake, including additional oils, artificial food colorings, and preservatives to ensure freshness. In addition to more ingredients, you'll also find different ingredient amounts.

What is best box cake mix? ›

What's the best boxed cake mix? We tested 10 and found a winner.
  1. Great Value (Walmart) Deluxe Moist Yellow Cake Mix.
  2. Duncan Hines Classic Yellow.
  3. Pillsbury Moist Supreme Yellow.
  4. Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix.
  5. Trader Joe's Yellow Cake and Baking Mix.
  6. 365 (Whole Foods) Classic Yellow Cake Mix.
May 19, 2023

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