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"Duty and faith. Cadian and the God-Emperor. I fight for them all, as my father did before me. So fight, my brothers and sisters, for as long as we defy the darkness, Cadia stands!"

Lord Castellan of Cadia Ursula J. Creed
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Ursula J. Creed is a lord general of the Astra Militarum and the current Lord Castellan of Cadia, the recognized leader of the surviving Cadian Shock Troops regiments and the daughter of Ursarkar E. Creed, the former Lord Castellan of Cadia missing in action since the Fall of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade.

The Lord Castellan of Cadia is a forbidding and implacable strategist and a symbol of the enduring indomitability of Cadia's armies, even in the wake of the loss of their homeworld to the forces of Chaos. Ursula Creed's superior generalship, forged over long standard years of warfare, has seen her lead numerous Imperial armies to victory against the enemies that now threaten to extinguish Humanity's flame from the galaxy.


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Though lost Cadia's remaining valiant regiments of the Cadian Shock Troops are spread wide across the galaxy in the Era Indomitus, some constants remain to anchor its soldiers amidst their far-flung wars. The declamation of "Cadia Stands!" is one. A Creed as Lord Castellan of Cadia is another. Ursula J. Creed is her father's daughter in many respects. A hardened general of the Astra Militarum, physically imposing, Creed survived the fall of her homeworld like millions of her fellows and now stands as a symbol of Cadia's survival, exemplifying her people's unbowed spirit.

Ursula's rise to senior command was not the meteoric ascent of Ursarkar E. Creed, but it was grindingly unstoppable. She restlessly demanded swift redeployment in the wake of victory after victory, forging her own legend as a strategist of incredible intuition and ruthless determination.

Over her broad shoulders, the new Lord Castellan wears what some assume to be a recreation of her father's greatcoat, for surely it perished with him. Ursula, however, knows it to be no fake. Appearing in her sealed chambers solar months after the loss of her father, dried blood and the smell of Cadia's final hours saturating the heavy fabric, it fired an obsessive hope in her that somehow, somewhere, her father yet lived.


  • Duty and Vengeance - These archeotech pistols are the Lord Castellan's primary weapons.


  • Codex: Astra Militarum (9th Edition), pp. 13, 80
Ursula J. Creed (2024)
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